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cmiVFX is a group of 115 instructors and 60,501 artists actively working in the computer graphics and visual effects industry. For over 18 years, we at cmiVFX have been providing valuable video training lessons in both real-world and experimental techniques that define the very fabric of the industry. Our training material cannot be found anywhere else because we provide you with specialized knowledge from mentors who have contributed to the world's most famous movies, video games, and media.

At cmi, we believe in pushing the boundaries of experimentation on the cutting edge technology and VFX. Many of us work remotely, and come from locations all over the world. We're self-motivated, love to work hard, innovate, and create new techniques and tools for the community. We love learning difficult subjects, mastering our art form, sharing knowledge with you, and excelling as artists.


Instructors at cmiVFX are called Mentors who are professionals that not only teach, but also are actively working in the VFX industry and who have been kind enough to share their knowledge with us and use cmi as a training platform.

If you are interested in becoming a cmiMentor, contact us at Mentors receive a percentage of direct video sales.



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Support is available from 10:00am - 7:00pm Pacific Standard Time, 7-days a week. If you need help outside of this time zone, don't hesitate to send us an email after-hours and we'll get back to you as soon as possible the next day. 99% of the time, you will receive an answer to your message within 24 hours or less.

Getting Started

The best way to get started with cmi is to dive in! Sign up for an account and purchase your first video or a yearly subscription (find the purchase button on your profile page after you've signed up). cmiVFX hosts 331 tutorials amounting to over 973 hours of video content, with new content arriving every week.

The website is under rapid development and there are also new features arriving weekly that will help transition you into the website and enhance your learning process. Bookmark the homepage and check back often to see what's new and to brush up on your knowledge. Over time, make cmiVFX a regular resource for you as you come to rely on it as an essential part of your workflow.