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Autodesk Flame FX Tricks

Learn how to create unique visual effects on live action footage....

Length: 1 Hour 32 Minutes 4 Seconds

Price: $34.95


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cmiVFX maintains excitement in the Visual Effects and Post Production training venue with the Brand New Autodesk Flame and Smoke FX Tricks video. For the very first time at cmiVFX, Flame on OSX was used in the making of this video setting the bar for desktop post software to follow. Now even more end users can afford the worlds most powerful editorial compositor software which merits the need for more cmiVFX quality instruction. This video release is aimed at intermediate users to help pack more information into less listening time. A recent poll’s results suggested that viewers of online training often want to watch training content at double or even quadruple speed. In order to keep these particular customers from missing proper instruction, we made sure to eliminate the distractions and focus on the goods! No fuss, no muss, just awesome Visual Effects Training in REAL TIME! (Good luck finding that anywhere else in the cosmos)

Chapter Descriptions


In this video your going to learn an abundant amount of techniques developed over the better half of a decade. First, we will learn how to import our footage OSX style with simple drag and drop to your Flame Desktop. Next, we will learn many ways to extract parts of a moving sequence without using rotoscoping. The technique used extracts objects out of a busy moving background. There are lots of different tools used and the most rarely used is a Keyer tool on its own. In our project we need to extract out characters from their backgrounds to help assist us in creating a dynamic FX package for our clients approval. These FX will need to be used over and over again through out our episodic show, so its important to create these custom FX in a way that is easy to re-use. In the end, you will have a rich understanding of the Flame UI, including the Desktop, Timeline, Batch Tree and Action 3D Compositor module to create our final solution.

Editing And Preparation

One of the key features of Autodesk Flame is the desktop editor module. These linear reels allow the end user to make visual edits reminiscent of old school film editing. This rather brilliant feature has been the corner stone to the software since the early days. Smoke users will miss out on having the edit reel desktop, however maintaining alternative workflow options will allow the results to be congruent.

Breaking Imagery Apart

There is no secret to how visual effects shots can be quite laborious. This is why there are so many names in the credits of a film. In fact, there are entire companies dedicated to separating footage elements into shapes. This solution is made up of Rotoscoping, Keying, Tracking and Object Removal. In this part of the video, you will see some serious magic! Check out several variations of keying which results in the isolation of the targeted objects. This should change the way you work forever.

FX Building

Flame comes with some killer tools these days. Modules such as Matchbox and Lightbox are new to the toolset, however quite powerful right out of the gate. You too, can make your own tools using this extremely powerful tool kit. Fortunately, Autodesk has supplied us with a plethora of tools that range from color correction to special effects like light rays or glows. This chapter will begin the journey of look development for the actual effects which are missing from the original footage. Learn how to import 3D Geometry and stylize it with the power of Substance! (Don’t know what that means? Then you really need to see this)

Continous FX

The brilliance of procedural workflows are the ability to apply your work in unlimited locations while preserving the look of the effect. This is where you will continue to perform FX looks on multiple shots for common reuse. We will also take our shots to final edit and color grading for client review.


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