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Autodesk Flame Jump Start

This is the original Learning Flame Video. Doesnt include timeline editing or Smoke features. See New Flame Migration Guide.

Length: 3 Hours 1 Minute 14 Seconds

Price: $9.95


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This video is an electrified, fast paced JUMP START for anyone trying to learn Autodesk Flame. This content is geared for those who have seen Visual Effects applications before, and have a general idea of how to use a lower end compositing application, such as Adobe After FX, Nuke or Fusion. Flame Jump Start covers everything you need to know in order to navigate the extremely deep, user interface of Autodesk Flame that has been accumulating tools since the begging of the Digital Visual Effects Software generation. At cmiVFX, we realize that user manuals, online videos snippets, and potentially misleading information that exists on the web, can be a major waste of time. The vastness of this software is mind boggling to anyone that sits in front of it for the first time, UNTIL NOW! Count on knowing nearly all of the user interface controls in 3 short hours! This video can be followed by our current advanced training on the website. We will be rebuilding detailed sub sections of future training for Batch, Action, Keying, Color Grading, and Editing. Jump Start is the first video in this series. All videos will be released a few weeks apart to help lower the cost to the consumer. This video which equals thousands of dollars of live training, is available for only $59.95 USD!

Chapter Descriptions


Curious about our experience?  Curious about your experience?  Just plain curious?  No worries, we will ease you into this video with some light chat, quick Flame environment setup, talk about directory structures and more.


It's not like cmiVFX to create a video in which you cover preferences of a software application to great extent, but with such a BEAST of a software package, we focus right down into those preferences so that you can follow along and be most efficient when working on the desktop and volume management issues. (Disk Space and Storage).  It wont take too long, don't worry"¦  but you really need to glimpse at this before moving on.


It's not your local public library, but after a while it can look like one! Learn how ingest media, manage organization, control versioning, visualize wasted space, reach 3rd party networks, link, import and revise data to disk.  (SAY THAT 5 TIMES FAST!) This is the heart of your data structure"¦ albeit, a visual way of controlling media.  (Chats about XML, EDL, OMF are spoken of)


Considered to be the most powerful part of the software, Flame Desktop rivals no other in visual, gestural editing workflows.  Manage clips, make edits, version control, organize libraries, gain access to an enormous amount of tools for pre-processing clips and perform long format editing for dailies.  Believe us when we say, this description doesn't due Flame Desktop justice.  Its really feature rich.

Batch Basics

We put this high up on the list for several reasons. Autodesk has been moving flame to a more procedural workflow in version 2012, than ever before.  If you use, Nuke, Toxik, Fusion, or maybe a compositing application not available to the public, you will start to feel at home after this chapter.  We demonstrate how to navigate, build, manage, and script a Batch Tree. We also make comparisons to 3rd party compositors to help correlate similar ideologies in the Visual Effects game.  This knowledge will plug directly into our more advanced videos as well.

Action, the new Batch?

Action has completely come full circle as a node based 3d compositor in its own right.  It has been updated with a ton of tools and effects options in the 2012 release, that we felt a Action Update chapter was crucial to help you navigate the new changes. its impossible to cover action in one chapter, so we focus on functionality exclusively. This chapter will plug right into our more advanced videos as well. We also show you integration of Action within batch, which we feel is the best way to start off these days.


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