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BiFrost Vol 1: Introduction

Diego Trazzi, Effects Supervisor on the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, presents the first of a series in essential foundations for BiFrost, and how to migrate from earlier versions. This volume contains an introduction to fluid simulations in BiFrost 2017.

Length: 4 Hours 31 Minutes 59 Seconds

Price: $39.99


cmiVFX presents the first of an updated, in-depth training series on the BiFrost framework for Maya by the leading expert in the field, Diego Trazzi. Diego has experience working with fluid simulations for several major motion pictures such as Avatar, The Hobbit, and the latest Pirates of the Caribbean.

Hi, my name is Diego Trazzi. I have about 17 years experience in visual effects. My speciality is in water simulations. I’m particularly excited about everything that is ocean related. I like water movement and I’ve found that computer graphics and, in particular, fluid dynamics, are something that I’ve been having fun with.

With this experience, I decided to put together a series of video tutorials on BiFrost, to update you on the changes that have been built between BiFrost 2015, 2016, and 2017.

This class is an introduction to the methodology of working with SDF surfaces, with tile format and data structure. It will show you how to generate a simple simulation in BiFrost 2017. This first course in the series is addressed toward users who have never used BiFrost before and are willing to understand the functioning of this framework. In the course, I hope that the artist will learn how to generate a very simple liquid simulation using a few fundamental blocks: emitters, colliders, kill volumes, and fields, which will allow you to then expand with your creativity and generate more complicated simulations.

I decided that we will animate a logo for a possible pirate movie. It’s important to understand the foundation explained in this course in order to be able to use more advanced features in future courses. The course will also show you how to cache out the simulation and render it, both in Arnold 4 and Arnold 5.

Software Requirements:

Autodesk Maya 2017


Video-on-demand streaming is available through the website to subscribers. In addition, video files are available for download for those who directly purchase individual titles from their cart. The necessary project files are included for download.

About Diego Trazzi

Diego Trazzi

Diego Trazzi is an accomplished effects professional who has been in the industry for more than 17 years. In his earlier years, Trazzi worked with motion capture and as a TD Generalist. His recent award was the Best Single Visual Effect of the Year in the 2009 VES awards. The award was given to him for the highly talked about “Neytiri drinking shot” in Avatar, which was predominantly Trazzi’s contribution for fluid simulations. He was also one of the very few people who helped develop Exotic Matter’s “Naiad” since alpha version.Trazzi has completed a long list of remarkable work on major film titles such as X-men: First Class, Avatar, The A-Team, Harry Potter and more. As a result, he has acquired a broad range of technical knowledge and problem solving skills. At Siggraph 2010, Diego Trazzi gave a presentation on liquid simulation in Avatar, which was one of the highlights of the sessions.