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Blender Particle Animation

A complete guide to particle animation in Blender.

Length: 2 Hours 50 Minutes 13 Seconds

Price: $58.95

Blender Particle Animation

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cmiVFX presents a brand new course by Jonathan Lampel that uncovers the power of Blender's 3D particle systems. For beginners and veterans alike, this series thoroughly explains what each type of particle system does, and how particles can interact with other objects. With a firm understanding of newtonian, keyed, boids, fluid, and hair particles combined with force fields, vertex groups, collision objects, and dynamic paint, your creative possibilities are endless. You'll work your way from beginner concepts to advanced techniques, and by the end, you'll be well on your way to creating stunning 3D particle animations.

Chapter Descriptions


This is a fun introduction to Blender's particle systems with a simple snowflake project. After animating some falling particles, you'll learn how to use billboards to apply random snowflake textures to the particles.


Learn how to render particles as object instances, as well as create a dynamic, goal-based swarming system with boids particles.


Here we'll take a closer look at the boids brain, and how to use it to create a fight between two groups of birds.


Create awesome mixing and splashing fluid simulations with Blender's fluid particles!

Force Fields

We'll take a thorough look at all of Blender's many force fields, and learn how to use each of them effectively.

Keyed Particles

Learn how to morph between object shapes and other particle systems with keyed particles. In this chapter, we'll create an awesome cmiVFX title intro!

Dynamic Paint

Blender's extremely powerful dynamic paint modifier can use particles as paint brushes to paint color, displacement, weights, and ripple effects onto any object.


Find out how to use Blender's hair particles, children instances, and particle edit mode to style a nice haircut.


Distributing randomized mesh instances has never been easier! We'll create a natural-looking grass field from only a few clumps of grass.


In this last video, we'll have fun shattering a monkey head while working with collision objects and the explode modifier.

About The Instructor

Jonathan Lampel is an award winning VFX artist and tutor based in Seattle, Washington. After having fun making and editing films in high school, he went to college for animation and game design at LWIT. Jonathan currently works for CG Cookie, and is starting his career in the animation industry.


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