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Cinema 4D Advanced Feather Systems

Control feather dynamics and design in C4D.

Length: 2 Hours 22 Minutes 17 Seconds

Price: $68.95


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Exciting last minute video release by cmiVFX just in time for NAB! The long awaited Advanced Feather Systems video is now available and will not disappoint! Take control over exact feather placements on wings and body, multiple lengths and directions, dynamic controls and geometrical substitutions for non-hair based mechanical wings. This might be one of the most entertaining videos on the subject ever made. Fast paced, yet extremely thorough. You will be a feather expert immediately after watching this video. Why wait for all your peers to excel past you in general CG knowledge when it has never been so easy to learn? When it comes to high end visual effect training, there is only one choice,

Chapter Descriptions


Some of you may have seen the hair video for Cinema already, which would certainly give you some insight to what we are going to cover next which is Advanced Feather systems for Cinema 4D. In this video, we will cover all your basics by default and include information you simply can not find online. Learn how to actually control feathers in a way that is useful for character animation, and how to properly simulate dynamic controls as well as geometrical substitution for things like metal feather plates with all the added benefits of Cinema’s dynamic control system. This will definitely be a favorite video amongst the character designers and riggers.

Project Start - Feather Design And Placement

Probably one of the most anticipated bit of information lye in the very first chapter. Learn how to use custom light weight geometry to control hair and feather placement for the ultimate look! It’s so cool, you will be saying ah-hah in the first few minutes.

Body Feathers - Custom Look

There are more ways to skin a cat, and just as many ways to feather a bird. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you will want to know the various techniques for controlling the look of your grouped feathers. In this chapter, we will make our focused area look disheveled or disturbed.

Layering - The Clean Look

So now you know how to make your bird look like it was attacked by a house cat, now you want to control tight, inline body feathers using the custom cmiVFX layering technique. This part of the video will allow you to get that staggered scaled look in your feather design.


If you haven’t used Cinema’s dynamic system, your in for a treat. Highly interactive, extremely fast and quite enjoyable to use. There are several aspects to dynamics which could effect feathers such as wind and rigid body interaction. You will learn them all.


When it comes to character design, fore thought must be taken in order to plan for proper movement during final animation. It does not matter how you need to rig your creations, so we show simple deformers on the source geometry to invoke possible movement in a birds wing. With added dynamics, you got your self a real winning combination.

Geometrical Replacement

So what happens if you do not want to render hair based feathers and shaders on your winged creations? What if you need to make a rig similar to a winged Avenger? Not a problem. In this final part of the video, you will learn how to use replacement geometry in any location you want and still allow for rigid dynamics to be applied to it with the maximum speed. (Modeled geometry should have enough resolution for collisions)


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