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Cinema 4D VFX Volume 1: Ground Collapse by Ben Watts

In this training series you'll learn how to create a ground collapsing effect completely from scratch. We’ll cover a lot of topics, including custom fracturing of objects and dynamics, Turbulence FD & X-Particle setups, plus much more.

Length: 2 Hours 42 Minutes 40 Seconds

Price: $29.92

Cinema 4D VFX Volume 1: Ground Collapse by Ben Watts

Ben Watts, A freelancer and a master in Cinema 4D, shows you how to create an amazing ground-collapsing effect.

Hey everyone, this is Ben Watts from BW Design. Welcome to Cinema 4D VFX: Volume 1. In this intermediate training series, we’ll create a ground-collapsing effect from start to finish. We cover a lot of interesting topics, such as: Fracturing Objects, Dynamics with Mograph, Turbulence FD, X-Particles, and post production with After Effects, plus much more.

With over 2 1/2 hours worth of content, there’s something in this series for every Cinema 4D user. Let’s fire up Cinema 4D and get started!

– Modeling, Fracturing, MoGraph

– Dynamics, Alembic, Lighting

– Texturing, Turbulence FD, X-Particles

– Compositing with After Effects …and much more.


Basic knowledge of Cinema 4D tools & interface.


Video-on-demand streaming is available through the website to subscribers. In addition, video files are available for download for those who directly purchase individual titles from their cart. The necessary project files are included for download.

About Ben Watts

Ben Watts

Ben Watts is a freelance Houdini VFX artist with experience creating all kinds of simulations and procedural FX, including: Fire, Smoke, Destruction, Liquids, Particles etc. He has experience with lighting, rendering, and compositing. Ben works with talented artists and studios all over the globe. If you're looking for a reliable and experienced artist to create Houdini FX for your next project, drop him an email.