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Fusion Advanced Lighting

Find out the Top Secret lighting techniques for Fusion in this killer Double Feature-Length Video!

Length: 4 Hours 8 Minutes 16 Seconds

Price: $84.95


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Getting excellent results in your Visual Effects compositing projects are just a few clicks away! No matter where you started in your career, you can now find a flavor of Blackmagic Design Fusion to fit your production pipeline needs. In this double feature-length Fusion training video, we show you what all OSX and Linux VFX Customers have been begging for. After so many years, Fusion is re-born with Unix support, and we take advantage of this by showing you what can be done for FREE on OSX in FUSION! The topics covered in this video range through, Lighting, Shading, Rendering, Fog, Alembic Animation, and Subsurface Scattering, Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination simulation. We say “Simulation” simply because Fusion’s render engine relies heavily on cross platform OpenCL/Gl rendering which by default, lacks parameters for those 3 commonly sought after, CG Application settings. To achieve these very aggressive goals, we use our years of experience with Fusion to create reusable scenarios to help artists expand upon them in their commercial work. When it comes to innovation in the Visual Effects and Computer Graphics industries, there is only one choice…!

Chapter Descriptions


There must be a target to shoot at for aim to exist. In this chapter, we break down some of the basics needed to understand the rest of the training.

Tools Overview

Jump right into the Fusion environment by creating a fully functional lit scene with advanced shaders. In this video, its sink or swim, so you can maximize your learning experience over the course of the video. It can be fun to come at a project with unrealistic goals to unlock hidden potential you just won't find in a user manual.

UV Mapping

You probably never thought you would need to UV map edit in Fusion. Well you probably never expected to be reading this sentence, but here you are anyway, so except this inevitability and stop asking yourself what you already got yourself into.

Alembic Workflow

It’s as easy as ABC, 123 alright. Thanks to our beautifully made assets courtesy of Speedtree, we are able to spend our time focused on the topics at hand, Lighting and Rendering. Learn how to assemble imported geometry with complete UV placement, Multiple Texturing Channels, Shader properties and secondary lighting.

Fog Styling

Two words you never thought you would see together probably. "Fog Styling" is the term we are using to describe different methods of both rendering and layering fog renders in multiple branches of a node composite.


The Reflection Node is one of the more unique tools inside of Fusion. Set up like a game engine, the Fusion Reflection tool is a real time rendering solution that lets you preview what your going to get in natural 3d space. Saves lots of time in the long run, once you get used to using it.

Faux AO, GI and SSS

Always pushing the limits results in advances in technology and increases participation from others trying to achieve like-minded goals. In this chapter, we show several techniques that could lead to generating 3d passes of Ambient Occlusion, Global Illumination and Subsurface Scattering like effects.

Point Positioning And Volumeterics

By utilizing the output channels on our 3D Render Node, we allow for all sorts of access to unique data. Depth Blurring, Volumetric Lighting, even Particle Direction can be controlled from the data exported from this node. Find out how to make the most of it all in this part of the video.

Blackmagic Design

For more information on Fusion, Blackmagic Design’s visual effects and motion graphics software, please visit or join the conversation at

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