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Fusion Advanced Particle Tactics

This video was built around the concept of high-end film particles being limited to 3d applications like maya or houdini. Not any more. Now novices can start using particles in a useful manner. If you want detail in your work, particles is how you do it.

Length: 4 Hours 6 Minutes 19 Seconds

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Fusion Advanced Particle Tactics

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Finally, we can all begin to take compositing to the next level. With the advent of Fusion 5, we as compositors are no longer limited to working with many different applications to achieve a single goal. We will take you through several real world projects from beginning to end focusing on the 3D particle system within Fusion 5 as well as utilizing the new 3d compositing environment. This video is worth its weight in gold, especially if you are versed in several applications and are tired of going back and forth doing renders and passing them multiple times just to find out you need to render them again in 3d before bringing them back to the co positing phase. Many Shake users will migrate from Shake to Fusion 5 once they realize the cost benefit and performance difference between the two applications. You can still use your knowledge of Shake's node tree to help you in Fusion. We will show Fusion migratory tips and tricks to make the transition easy.

Chapter Descriptions

Palace Fountain

This project starts off with a high definition format still photograph with no animation. Learn how to remove the existing fountain artifacts and restore background elements that were never there. Recreate a new fountain in any desired style with the Fusion 3D Particles System and learn how to layer and manipulate transforms in the new 3d compositing environment in Fu5. We will also do a 3D sky replacement using the new 3d shapes node and a image projection to help preserve parallax in the sky. Animate the scene with the new 3d camera and add finishing touches. Play around with motion blur on the particles to recreate the original style photograph or leave the particles with more texture to create more interesting effects. To see a sample final shot, view the move below. 

Road Flair

This lesson uses this still image to the left as general reference. We create the whole Road flair effect fro scratch using Fusion 5's robust particle tools as well as its 3d compositing environment. Change various elements of this project to go from road flairs to birthday type candle effects. This project is a must for broadcast designers as well as previous users of combustion's particle illusion. With these particles you can rotate the whole scene in real 3d with a 3d camera node! I bet Shake users reading this are starting to wonder why they aren't using Fusion yet, don't you think? Take a look at the sample video below.

Champagne Bubbles

If your in broadcasting, you will run into this one day. This tutorial takes you through image restoration of a single photograph and teaches you how to add your own bubble within the newly layered image. For fun change the bubbles to logos, or better yet, animate a camera zoom to reveal close up objects in your bubbles. Be sure to watch the sample movie below.

Tornados and Toilet Bowls

This project is probably geared towards those in the horror movie business. Sometimes you need to add blood, mucus, slime, vomit whatever, into a bathroom scene. Here is one way to get water in the bowl of a old out of order bathroom. Click below to watch a sample.

Ring Blast Explosions

I built this tutorial to extend the particles cookbook that this video rapidly became Learn how to build, animate, and render this very popular space explosion effect.

Solar effects

Basically, when i started this particles video, I thought that solving the complex things we take for granted would be the way to go. This tutorial was born from the need to do effects like Sun, or other planetary objects, BUT then progressed into cool effects like the one title sequence from THE RING and THE RING 2. Here is a quick movie sample with no blur on the particles at all.


This section of the video focuses on a typical fireworks setup. You can edit the included source to have multiple styles of colors and explosions. Use them in your productions after you learn how they are constructed.

Liquid Effects

Mostly a last minute decision on my part, this tutorial was designed to teach you how to use other tools outside of the particle suite to get certain designed styles. In this case, water or heavy liquids was the destination. Check out the sample.

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