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Fusion Common Particle Libraries

This is the third installation of particle training for fusion. After completing this title. You will be working at expert level. Use the presets from this video for your applications.

Length: 3 Hours 1 Minute 2 Seconds

Price: $19.95

Fusion Common Particle Libraries

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Based on many users requests for particle libraries in fusion, cmiVFX has decided to take some of the most common effects used in entertainment and break them down step by step for artists around the world. From this wide variety of effects shown on this high definition video-Rom, users can both learn how to construct these complicated effects from scratch or modify our fusion files to work in their production pipeline. Users can even turn them into macros, so that they can apply them in a production that uses the effect repetitively across many shots. We teach how to create, animate, colorize and texture every particle system on this disk. Unlike our competition, will not need to guess how to complete the shot.

Chapter Descriptions

Close up Smoke FX

When lighting is key for a shot, and shadows are under tight control, you may need to add smoke as a post process in order to keep the light balance of a shot in tact. Learn how to add smoke to an object and control those shadows! - Keywords: Eyeon Fusion, Fusion 5.3, cmiVFX, Fusion Generation

Bomb Fuse Effect

A common blockbuster trailer effect is the bomb fuse animation. Learn how to create the fire, sparks and trailing smoke trail for the burnt wick all at once. This project covers multiple topics for fire and smoke.

Fireballs and Cinematic FX

You have seen this effect on dozens of big blockbuster films, and in many forms. Learn how to construct the basic framework so you can use it time and time again. Why pay for a plug-in when you can build it yourself!

TV Car Commercials

So many car commercials, so little time. If your in the broadcast market, chances are you work on tons of car commercials. Here is a common effect revealed to make your life allot easier.

TV Food Commercials

Do you get hungry during the day? Well you might not get lunch if you don't finish your shot on time! Why pull an all nighter trying to figure out how to make food look hot on screen. Follow our basic steps and save it out to a macro for you application.

User Interface Elements (SONAR)

Fusion can be used for all sorts of things in entertainment. Ever see the computer screens in a movie and not recognize the operating system? Learn how to create custom animated UI elements for a submarine sonar panel.

Animated Star-fields

This Star Trek Type effect is a staple in the visual effects community. Consider this your right of passage. Build a starfield in under 2 minutes with fusion's robust particle system.

Space Explosions:

Now that you know how to make stars in space, you might want to add content to your universe. Learn how to create space explosions and learn tips on gravity based explosions with additional compositing tips to make it look real.

Invisible Man Footprints In Snow

The thought of being invisible is not new to cinema. Learn how to give the illusion of someone walking in snow or sand form a view not easily shot with live action footage. This effect can be modified to any type of ground material.

Rain and Snow Effects

The most common effect NOT RECOGNIZED in tv and film would be weather effects such as rain and snow. If you composite these elements properly, they shouldn't be detectable by most people.

Vaporizing Humans

Last but not least, we show you how to vaporize objects in different ways. Vapor, crystals, or pixie dust effects can be used with our fusion source. Learn how to build it, and modify it to fit your application.



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