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Fusion Expressions

This video was originally apart of a larger project. Our trainer was forced to take care of a medical family emergency. Clyde Tressler was gracious enough to release the materials to us so we could get them to the world. This video is 1 hour long about Fusion Expressions and is only 14.95 to pay for our initial investment of the project. ENJOY!

Length: 53 Minutes 17 Seconds

Price: $9.95

Fusion Expressions

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Expressions in Fusion are a mathematical equivalent to key frame animation techniques. Most of the time, mathematical animations can be spotted easily by the human eye based on repetitive movements. In order to fool the human eye, and to create a more natural motion, you must combine mathematical events by creating large expressions with many rules. This video will give you a great insight on the operation of expressions in Fusion as well as an understanding on how to create your own custom expressions to be used in other scenarios.

Chapter Descriptions

Expression Driven Camera Shake

This first project is broken down into three parts. All three sections will cover a variety of ways of achieving similar results inside Fusion. We believe that a thorough knowledge of how things work in Fusion will allow the artist to understand how its is created in expression based mathematics. By the end of this chapter the user really walks away with an ability to start creating many intermediate expression animations.

The Function Toolkit

In this chapter we discuss the use of Mathematic functions as tools. We take a look at a group of basic math functions and explore what can be done with them. We outline the properties so we can compare the similarities among them. Then we summarize what each one is best suited for.

Inverse Square Law

This law describes the brightness of a light based on the distance at its center and the fall off from its translation away from its target. We take the time to show you how to improve upon the current 3d lighting in Fusion by creating a more natural looking lighting scheme based on mathematical equations.

PCustom Tool

In this chapter we discuss how to create equation based dynamic force animation on confetti like particles. In order to do that we move from the custom tool to the pCustom tool to show the similarities between them. Focus on simulating animation based on size and mass are stressed, while creating randomization for natural feedback.

Clyde Tressler

When we first spoke with Clyde Tressler, we were extremely excited to have him working on the Fusion Expressions video. Unfortunately Clyde had a family illness emergency the prevented him from being able to continue working on the current video. However he was gracious enough to release the first half of the video, which is a complete standalone to the second half that was scheduled, so that the world can learn Fusion expressions. We are only charging for the initial investment in this video so that our viewers can benefit from the lower cost. You can send a message to Clyde on the Fusion List Server.

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