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Fusion FX Compositing

Learn how to create a unique FX package with Fusion Particles across multiple shots.

Length: 2 Hours 54 Minutes 14 Seconds

Price: $74.95


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cmiVFX forges the new Fusion FX Compositing Mini Masterclass focusing on film or episodic television style workflows. In this video, we take a series of footage clips shot for a film in HD then edit it together inside Blackmagic Design Fusion using the time tested cmiVFX node based multiple sequence edit method along with the Fusion timeline module. Additional focus will be creating unique Visual FX styles for various events on each sub clip, unifying the entire look across multiple clips followed by grading the whole lot into one believable sequence. Mixing a bit of Roto and keying will help isolate our characters fine hair lines on a moving ocean background. This technique was developed over 15 years ago when keying plugins were becoming all the rage. The keying system will let you avoid those tools that only partially work in difficult scenarios and allow you to make a perfect key in these clips using your standard color correction tools. If that doesn’t have your interest peaked, you will definitely enjoy putting it all together in the end, and pressing that ever so satisfying render button.

Chapter Descriptions


This video was designed for the largest demographic in the Visual Effects subset of Computer Graphics and Animation. Fusion is now a free download for both OSX and Windows, which will allow anyone with a computer to follow along and make amazing graphics. If your new to 3D Compositing, Particles inside of Fusion, or if your migrating from another software all together, your going to have a blast learning how to make Fusion your official go-to tool in your arsenal.

General Assembly

In this section of the video, focus on building a multi-sequence edit using combinations of the timeline module and the Loader node preferences while incorporating the cmiVFX method of building a proper node tree from left to right will define the path for the rest of the lesson.

Preparing Assets

One of the most time consuming parts of making a beautiful shot, is the preparation of the footage. So many factors can get in the way of you and your creation such as shaky footage or busy backgrounds making it difficult to rotoscope your hero objects in the foreground. In this chapter, we show a few ways to handle such scenarios.

FX Composition

Now that your footage is broken into multiple pieces, you can then start thinking about the FX designs you will need to create while making sure they will work across multiple shots in your edited sequence. Learn how to create an FX Package with particles and presets to dazzle your client into allowing for a bigger budget. This first “sketch” will need to make your viewers want to see more, so you always need to hit a home run!

Additional FX

Once you create the main look for the hero weapon or transition, you can then focus on secondaries. Secondaries are FX systems that do not take focus off the main hook in the feature. Many times, you want the additional FX to enhance the master effect across multiple shots.

Tracking And Animation

In our sequence, we will show how to track certain elements and attach our FX to them for proper match moving. This allows the viewer to believe that the effect is coming from the hero’s source of power. When tracking becomes impossible, keyframe animation will allow you to finish the job. This chapter shows both in use to complete our task.

Continuous FX

Next, we will need to make our final look transfer across multiple angles. We will use time stretching to help sync up our effect to the new footage sequences, making it all line up for the final result to look believable. This is where we will set it all up to render in one continuous sequence with all FX baked in.


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