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Fusion Image Replacements

Learn how to master Fusion's 2d tracking features in regards to matchmoving and image replacement. (Works through version 6 )

Length: 2 Hours 13 Minutes 52 Seconds

Price: $19.95

Fusion Image Replacements

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This video was based on questions asked on the user forum as well as inquisitive emails from artists around the world. Tracking and Match Moving has been around for quite some time, however information on these topics have been limited. With this 2.5 hour video, we solve the mystery that is match moving, tracking and analyzing. With several projects based on popular film and tv concepts, this video will surely help you become a match moving pro. Learn how to negotiate concepts in fusion like data solving, and preparing your footage for data capture. There are 6 main projects to solve in these lessons. Each project focuses on a typical tracking type problem. Learn how to asses the problems like a pro, while learning hybrid crossover solutions that may tie unrelated projects together. There are often cases where 4 point, 2 point and planar tracks collide in what shot. Make sure to watch the work flow so you can manage multiple systems in a single shot solution.

4 Point Tracks
The most basic of match move tracks could be considered the corner positioner module of the fusion tracker. This is the most efficient way to do Image Replacements in a compositing package. The first project is based on the very popular Harry Potter movies, in which the viewer will replace a series of paintings on the wall. All of these paintings are in the shot frame at all times, and all of the paintings have 4 corners to track. Learn how to integrate new images in place of the old. Later you can swap your own videos for animated paintings with the high definition footage included on this video. - Keywords: Eyeon Fusion, Fusion 5.3, cmiVFX, Fusion Generation


Isolation and Recreation of Highlights and Reflections
In the real world images have lighting, specularity, reflection and texture. Learn how to extract these natural phenomenon and use them as separate passes to combine with new imagery. Many of these concepts are taken from software that cost many times more than fusion. With that knowledge we can simulate the look and feel of proper image restoration. Color Correction is discussed in relationship to tracking these shots specifically. Advanced color correcting techniques will debut on another video set.

2 Point Tracks
Many times we need to track an image replacement that leaves the frame or view. No data exists outside of the frame so it cant be tracked. Learn how to solve this tricky problem with techniques developed specifically for this situation. Manipulation of rotoshapes are discussed as part of this project while keeping the core focus of the project on point based tracking. There are plenty of images to use to sample this tutorial. As always the source footage is based in High Definition 720p or higher so that you the viewer can have the least amount of problems while learning how to track image based data.

Match Moves and Masks
Several popular film projects use tracking as a way to cut holes in the footage with said tracking data. Learn how to cut a window out of a painting and make its background track with or without perspective. Simulation of depth of field can be applied here. Trainer references Narnia.

Cylindrical Distortions
Fusions current set of match moving tools does not permit curvature of cylindrical or spherical objects. In the past, CG departments would have to build a model of the object and render out 3d frames to match. We take a pre rendered liquor bottle WITH OUT a label, and show you how to restore it as the bottle rotates! Now you can do the impossible with out the need of the CG department.

Practical Applications
This fun project will help change the way we use weapons as props. Learn a new secret in filming illegal fire arms in any country LEGALLY. That is correct, find out resources to replica weapons that can be use with out the use of permits. We will show you how to add muzzle flair and shell casings to a firing replica Desert Eagle hand Gun. NOTE: The original footage shows the weapon fire, but has no muzzle flair or bullet casings. Tracking the weapon and building a fusion particle system to recreate this tiny explosion will be covered in detail. Both the particle system and the High Definition footage of the Desert Eagle are on the video.


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