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Fusion Roto and Keying

This video demonstrates a large variety of real world solutions based on commercial work related problems. We compiled these lessons, based on user requests from a variety of forums and list servers around the world. Our research and development then solved each issue one at a time until we could cover as many angles as possible in a reasonable amount of time.

Length: 2 Hours 20 Minutes 27 Seconds

Price: $19.95

Fusion Roto and Keying

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The video will gear you up for a more advanced level of compositing. Based on viewer feedback from previous versions of our video's, we were able to design a nearly perfect way to train new fusion users. If you are new to compositing or switching from another compositing application over to Fusion 5, you will cherish the content of this video. We cover all the things that a entry level compositor will need the first day on the job. Lessons range from basic math to creating your own tools, AND WE GET RIGHT TO THE POINT. No fumbled explanations, no stalling to eat up time.. Just pure training. If your tired of training products that are extremely slow paced, and fall asleep due to too much talking from the instructors, then your in luck with this product. We will not waste your time with fluff. cmiVFX is proud to release the 3rd edition of its Fusion Basics video, with 21 chapters, AND IN FULL SCREEN HIGH DEFINITION! This video is 3 hours in length.

Chapter Descriptions

Keying Tools Overview

The plethora of keying tools inside of Fusion is one of the reasons we think that it has the "Best Bang For Your Buck". We THOROUGHLY go through all the keying tools one at a time with a single shot to show the differences of why you would choose one over the other. (Primatte also covered here) - Keywords: Eyeon Fusion, Fusion 5.3, cmiVFX, Fusion Generation.

Rotoscoping Tools Overview:

Roto has come a long way in the industry, and fusion has excelled in this area as the roto tool we at cmiVFX call "Best In Class". Its large variety of tools and smart human user interface lead to general ease of use. We show all the tools functions here.

Full Body Roto Morphing

Generally considered the most dreadfully spent time doing any type of roto task, frame blend tweening with large scale rotoshapes are a handful to say the least. We show how to pick your master key frame distances based on global changes to your image sequences.

Tracking in Color Correction:

Popular methods of rotoscoping elements that travel long distances are based on tracking. In this chapter we show you how to track an object, assign a rotoshape to it, then do general key frames at larger intervals. (Saves tons of time)

Sky Replacement Combination

Now its time to start putting all the previous lessons to work in more complex combinations. We show some advanced compositing tricks on combining color correction base keys, with loose roto to create very detailed masks. This could save so much time with your projects, so dont miss this chapter!Extracting Talent

In this chapter we extract out talent from a nightmare of a shot. Tracking markers and green screen collide with hair and actor motion. As you may have already guess, a keyer wont work here! Find out how to solve this disaster with a few steps.

Edge Detection

Many types of digital video comes with a variety of noise artifacts in bleeding edges. In this section we show how to restore motion blur over a green screen by extracting out an edge with a variety or filters and using it to drive a soften effect around the keyed talent. (This is a more advanced topic)

Edge Ande Light Wrapping

This bonus chapter covers the very popular and much debated light wrapping technique featured in many forums and cg news articles. We show the simplicity of this task and take your through a simple setup using the default tools in fusion. (Save your own macro based on this concept)


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