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Fusion Storm

Build a perfect storm in 2d or 3d compositing with Fusion.

Length: 1 Hour 54 Minutes 44 Seconds

Price: $37.95


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cmiVFX releases another hot topic training video for the Visual Effects industry, and just in time for NAB! Learn how to create environments with feeling and power using animation and found elements. Examine the art of speed matte painting creation, and soak in the ability to change the weather on command. Top it off with some extra advanced bonus topics and you too will be ready to create your own digital weather machine! When it comes to VFX Training, there is only one choice!

Chapter Descriptions


In this video you will learn how to discern proper lighting from a collection of images to improve composite quality as well as how to extract out elements for later animation. You will also learn how to create new lighting and simulated wetness in a 2D compositing environment. As for some advanced topics, we will show you how to convert a 2D environment into a 3D environment for camera tracking services followed by creating a 3D L-system equation for simulating lightning. After importing your geometry we will then show how to animate the particles to create a unique look to help modify your future composites in both 2D and 3D environments.

Photo Comps

A skill most necessary for a compositor, the ability to take various imagery and combine it into a new creation is second to only having an eye for invention. Watch how a brand new world can be whipped up in just a short period of time, and create the sense of wonder often required by our industry’s customers.


Unlike simple compositing of imagery, you will need to learn how to hit cues. Whether your syncing animation to sound, or creation new motion for entertainment, your going to need to learn how to do it efficiently. Many years ago, this skill was a battle for artists to master, but with some simple tips by our instructor, you will be keying all sorts of elements for your amazement.

Thunder Blasts

A storm is made up from more than just moving clouds and dust. When lightning strikes close by, you really feel it. This chapter will guide you in creating the illusion of post electrical tremble.

3D Conversion

Not every shot requires a 3d camera move, but lately it has become a standard in visual editing. Learn how to quickly convert your layers into 3d projections.

Advanced Topics

As and alternative solution to lightning, we break down a simple L-system turtle equation from a 3D Animation package, and use the resulting geometry as a particle volume inside of Fusion. Now you can create any time of electrical effect with infinite combinations to aid the look of your final composition.


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