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Houdini Cracking Techniques

The aim is to create a tool to use a predefined crack pattern such as image files, wires or L-systems for cracking an object. No previous knowledge or experience is required to easily follow along. Mehdi Salehi tackles several examples to cover Rigid body and cloth simulations using this new tool.

Length: 4 Hours 54 Minutes

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cmiVFX has released their newest lesson: Creating Cracks Digital-Asset in Houdini. Voronoi fracture is powerful, but it also has some limitations. How can we gain full control over the shape of the pieces? How can we make animations for crack propagation? How can we break only certain parts of an object while other areas remain intact? Mehdi Salehi reveals a new VFX technique in Houdini. In this lesson, we will create a new digital asset to answer these questions. This new tool can use patterns for creating cracks. You will learn that almost anything can be used as the pattern. For example, You can use lines, L-system, or image files as the pattern. You will learn that our new digital asset has even more power. It can be used to create precise tear patterns for cloth simulation, even for low poly objects. This lesson offers a new exclusive effect technique which is recommended to all Houdini users.

Chapter Description


A quick view on all chapters. It shows where we start and where we go; A map for our great adventure!!!

Basic Knowledge

This chapter gives important clues about images and Houdini. It shows you how Houdini can give life to still images. It is our starting position.

Creating The Asset

In this chapter we evoke the power of COPs (channel operators)! This chapter shows you the main idea for creating the crack digital asset. It teaches you how to use the crack pattern for creating precise cracks on an object. Anything such as L-systems or curves can be used as a crack pattern. The power is that precise. Cuts are even possible for low poly objects.

Crack Asset And Rigid Body Objects

This chapter talks about simulating the pieces created by the crack asset. It shows the problems of using fracture rigid body dynamic and how we can deal with them. Also, you can see how cracks can be animated to create a crack propagation effect. There are two examples here. In the first example, the chapter discusses about how to use the crack asset for breaking a car window. You will learn how to create crack propagation and also how to simulate the pieces. In the second example, the chapter talks about using the crack asset to break a bottle. The cool thing is that only a specific area of the object is affected by crack asset and the other areas remain intact. A powerful feature for rendering broken glass!!!

Crack Asset And Cloth Objects

This is the other possible use of the crack asset. A journey to cloth simulation! This chapter shows you how this new crack asset can be used for cloth simulation. Now it is possible to create precise tear patterns and then simulate them. You can even animate the tearing of a cloth object. The cool thing is that the cloth object can be a fairly low poly object. Also this chapter shows you some important notes and tricks about simulating cloth objects.

About the Instructor

My name is Mehdi Salehi. I started my journey to the mysterious world of 3D and VFX about 10 years ago and have worked as CG artist and VFX supervisor for many companies. Now it is my honor to be a member of the cmiVFX family. My hobbies are music and football, of course playing, not hearing or watching! My Email is If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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About mehdi salehi

My name is Mehdi Salehi. I started my journey into the mysterious world of 3D and VFX about 11 years ago and I have worked as CG artist and VFX supervisor for many companies since then. It is my honor to be a member of the cmiVFX family. My Email is and my website is If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.