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Houdini Dust Disintegration

Length: 1 Hour 25 Minutes 42 Seconds

Price: $49.99


After extensive research, Haji Gadirov shares with us how to create an amazing dust disintegration effect in Houdini.

Welcome to this new series about how to create a dust disintegration effect. We’ll start by preparing our geometry so that later we can use it in our effect. We’re going to prepare some masks, then we’ll create our dust simulation. We’ll also create some custom velocities to create our dust simulation in the direction that we want. Later, after caching that, we’re going to use volumes to drive our particles. Finally, we’re going to go ahead and apply some shading and lighting and render out our scene.

I’ll see you in the first video!

Software Requirements:

Houdini 16


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About Haji Gadirov

Haji Gadirov

Haji Gadirov is a CG Industry veteran that started as a generalist for a couple of years then worked in motion graphics for 2 years. After his time in Mograph, he transferred full time into VFX. Haji prefers freelancing for his career, and has spent most of his time working on Broadcast Advertisements. He is currently an FX Artist on The Predator at MPC.