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Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 3

You thought we were done? NEVER! More of the highly requested HipTricks for Houdini is back for its 3rd installment. Featuring experimental techniques and crowd simulations.

Length: 4 Hours 27 Seconds

Price: $59.95

Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 3

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Alien Crop Field Designs

Play the role of the young Alien Graffiti artist and create outstanding designs on crop fields!  We`ll emulate crop field designs right within Houdini, in a simple, easy to understand lesson that any level of artist can follow. The technique we`ll learn allows you to quickly apply a lot of different effects, such as foot prints to your custom shots. You`ll be able to start using a basic text file as guide or a complex image file directly in your crop field system.  This project open up doors, (or should we say celestial gateways?), to other effects related to our source material. 

Making Hip Art

Hip Art is well known for its beautiful repetitions. The technique uses tons of repetition and the subtle changes to express the individual artists minds in a way that is perfect for Houdini. Taking all of this into consideration, it becomes a perfect subject for our studies. Using both Houdini geometry displacements and render time displacements, we will make some images that will open your mind to a brand new kind of experience and help add a phenomenal amount of details to your projects.

Simple Crowd System

This simple crowd system will get you started on creating complex shots for your animations in a heart beat. It has a solid, easy to understand base for you to add crowds to any scene you desire. We'll learn how to create different levels of proxy geometry directly from the high resolution source without loosing the main shape of the character. Alongside that, you`ll learn how to add randomness to get away with having repeating actions on your characters and avoid having them looking all the same, which is a common problem with first timers when building crowd systems. We'll also prepare our system to adopt any custom character you might want to use. You can also use instances for particles and/or delayed loading.  Get your crowd shots working flawlessly with some expert tips from Varomix!

Alvaro Castaneda

Alvaro Castaneda, best known as "Varomix" is a 33 years old CG Generalist TD. He lost a little of his self back in 1993 at a Jurassic Park screening, and that totally changed his life. Toy Story finished the job in 1995 - there was no turning back!. He started his way in 3D back in 1998, first using 3ds Max, then Cinema4D and finally in 1999, he met Maya 2.0. Since then he has done CGI for print, web, TV, Film, DVD, I guess anything that has pixels in it!. He started using Houdini in 2002 shortly after Side Effects launched the Houdini Apprentice Program. He had also done on-set VFX Supervision and DOP Assisting.

Project Contents

All cmiVFX videos come with all the training materials you can need right from our website. No matter what time of day, your location, or how your feeling, cmiVFX will be there waiting for you! 

Tools Covered: Add, Color, File, Convert, grid, merge, delete, facet, polywire, resample, scatter, sweep, switch, skin, popNetwork | Tools Covered in Alien Crop: line, group, attribute transfer, copy, group, point, scatter sort, trace, Font, twist, xform, divide, delete | Tools Covered in Crowd: color, fuse, merge polyreduce, switch, scatter, pointjitter, copy, divide, ray.


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