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Houdini Introduction to Dynamics

Varomix DaGreit takes you into DOPs land with a fast and furious truck load of dynamics training compressed into a single training volume. We want to give you more education for your money and the video format is perfect for you to rewind and replay as much as you need.

Length: 2 Hours

Price: $19.95


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cmiVFX brings you a brand new and improved Houdini Introduction to Dynamics video that will demystify the dynamics workflow in Houdini. This video is for everyone interested in getting started in the world-renowned dynamics system that Houdini is so famous for. By the end of this training you'll be ready to tackle more advanced techniques and you'll also have the tools you need to start exploring and making visual effects your self.

Chapter Descriptions


In the Intro you'll get a quick overview of this course and you'll see how this training will work. This is a fast-paced training, so be prepared to learn quickly.

The Dynamics Workflow

One of the most important things about Dynamics (DOPs) in Houdini is understanding the workflow, so by the end of this chapter you will understand how Houdini uses the geometry and takes it to DOPs, simulates your scene, and sends the result back into the geometry context (SOPs). This is crucial information to grasp.

The Rigid Bodies Shelf

In this Chapter we start exploring the amazing tools inside the Rigid Bodies shelf. These tools will make our lives much easier. You'll learn why doing everything from scratch each time just doesn't make sense. You can make very complex setups with just a few clicks!

Part 1 covers the RBD Object, Static Object, Ground Plane, RBD Fractured Object and the RBD Point Object.

Part 2 covers the Terrain Object, Make Breakable Tool ( Dynamic destruction of objects ), Debris tool, Pin and Hinge Constraints.

DOPs Land

Here we'll be learning in-depth about how DOPs work and what is each node used for. We'll also get into the Details View, which is an amazingly helpful panel. The Details View is crucial for debugging problems and issues in your simulations. We'll also talk about how the objects and the data flow inside dynamic networks and we'll discuss different ways to apply data to your simulation.


This is a very important subject and it's a big "gotcha" for users that work with other apps and expect Houdini to behave in the same way. Houdini creates it's own collision geometry and sometimes the collision geometry needs some tweaking. We'll explore the differences between the new bullet solver and the RBD solver.

Attributes and Deforming Geometry

Next we'll learn how to pass velocity data from SOPs into Dynamics. This becomes useful when you need to define your velocity directly from geometry. We'll also talk about how to actually use deforming geometry in Dynamics.

Multiple Solver and Caching

In this lesson we'll make multiple solvers interact with each other. Houdini makes this very simple and intuitive although it might seem like a very complex task. We'll also learn the basics of caching your simulations to the disk which is something that you should always do before you start any rendering.

About the Instructor

Varomix DaGreit is a VFX Artist and Generalist TD and his love for visual effects began in 1993 when he attended a screening of Jurassic Park. He began working with 3D applications in 1998, starting with 3ds Max, then moving on to Cinema 4D, then Maya 2.0 in 1999, and he has been doing CGI for film, TV, video games, print, and web ever since. Shortly after Side Effects launched the Houdini Apprentice Program in 2002, Varomix became an ardent Houdini user. Since then it has become his main tool for creation. Varomix has also been an on-set VFX Supervisor and DOP assistant. He has been an excellent mentor for cmiVFX.

Project Contents

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About varomix

Varomix is a Freelance VFX Artist, Generalist TD, Game Developer, Musician and Founder of MIXStudio. Shortly after Side Effects launched the Houdini Apprentice Program in 2002, Varomix became an ardent Houdini user. Since then it has become his main tool for creation. Varomix is also a father and husband that enjoy doing lots of crazy stuff with his family.