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Houdini Pyro and Cluster Simulations

Industry veteran, Haji Gadirov, uses Houdini to teach you, in depth, how to make a pyro and clustering effect to create a flare trailing an airplane.

Length: 1 Hour 13 Minutes 53 Seconds

Price: $29.92


Haji lays the groundwork of creating this beautiful pyro effect. Take this knowledge and take off!

Welcome. In this series, we'll use Houdini 16 to create a rising flare coming off an airplane. Mainly, we’ll concentrate on the pyro effect. We’ll also deeply cover Houdini clustering, which will help us a lot, especially in this scene. First, we’ll bring our airplane model in, we’ll animate quickly, we’ll create and apply our source, and then, finally, we’ll create our beautiful pyro effect. Before you start, do some quick research and R&D and gain a clear idea of what you want to create, so that as you follow along your final effect will be your own creation. Take what you learn here and build onto it, and take off!

Software Requirements:

Houdini 16


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About Haji Gadirov

Haji Gadirov

Haji Gadirov is a CG Industry veteran that started as a generalist for a couple of years then worked in motion graphics for 2 years. After his time in Mograph, he transferred full time into VFX. Haji prefers freelancing for his career, and has spent most of his time working on Broadcast Advertisements. He is currently an FX Artist on The Predator at MPC.