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Lightwave Flicker Free Animated Radiosity

This is a cmiDirect single topic covering Flicker Free Animated Global Illumination Rendering Solutions. A topic we ALL deal with on a daily basis. Find out the tricks of the trade now!

Length: 1 Hour 9 Minutes 5 Seconds

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cmiVFX has released their first video in a series that will feature each of the new features of present in LightWave 11. With such an impressive set of features new to a single release, where do we begin? LightWave's New Render Engine: Flicker Free Global Illumination in Animation. Wouldn't we all love to bask in the smoothness that is GI for all of our animation? While the long render times may not stop its use, the FLICKER that goes hand-in-hand with GI is often a deal breaker. A trial and error approach to GI setup is not efficient nor cost effective. Today, we aim to offer a solution to both FLICKER and the WORKFLOW that makes Global Illumination a viable option. All this is possible only because of Newtek's LightWave 11 impressive feature set and the brilliant mind of RebelHill's own Craig Monins.

Chapter Descriptions


In the introductions we look at the scenes and problems we will be approaching and cover the basic need to knows that you will need to follow the training.

Hunting Flicker

To begin with we need to understand where the flicker comes from in animated renders. Understanding the source and cause of flicker is the key to eliminating it. We also cover here the very quick and simple process for animating camera only motion.

One Bounce Diagnostics

Here we learn how to find the flicker threshold for a given scene with advanced animation (lights, objects, deformations). We start out by examining what happens when using a single bounce (ray). In this way we can nail down the basic settings with a simple approach to begin hounding out flicker from our animated renders.

Jumping Jacks - Multiple Bounces

In this part we move onto working with multiple bounces, and understanding the similarities and differences from single bounce situations. With this covered we pick through some of the settings that can help us to optimize our scene for improved render times.

Beyond The Event Horizon

Finally, we take a look at some of the black magic tricks that can be employed to speed up our renders even further, or improve quality within the same amount of time. We look at both the dark arts in LightWave itself that can help "trick" it into evaluating things differently, and at some simple post (compositing) tricks that we can pull off with the help of render passes or buffers taken from our scene.

Mentor Biography

Craig (aka RebelHill) Monins, well known Lightwave artist and software developer. Craig is widely known for his LightWave auto-rigging toolset "RHiggit!". Craig is considered by some as a foremost authority in the use of LightWave and specifically its rigging for animation. Craig can be found lurking about in his little corner of the internet at


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