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Luxology Modo Character Rigging V1

Comprehensive character rigging lesson in Luxology Modo featuring Wes Mcdermott (AKA 3DNinja).

Length: 3 Hours 57 Minutes 30 Seconds

Price: $59.95

Luxology Modo Character Rigging V1

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cmiVFX has released the latest high end instructional video for its Luxology Modo Product Vertical Market. This time, we have acquired the one and only Wes (3d Ninja) McDermott, to be your guide through the entire process of skeleton rigging a biped character including facial rigging and all the tricks that go into keeping proper deformations on a geometrical skin. If your new to Modo, or have been using Modo for a long time, this video will be a joy to watch for any skill leveled artist that wishes to learn the art of character rigging. As always, we include the project media that is used in the video and let you follow along with Wes as he creates properly formatted digital assets to be used in a production pipeline. Just as you may have suspected, this is a video you don't want to miss!

Chapter Descriptions


Wes will take you through an overview of the whole system, its parameters and all its possibilities.   

The Rigging Pose

In this chapter, we will take a look at posing the character using modo's Flex Tool in order to streamline the rigging process. I will also show a technique for fixing symmetry issues and transferring UVs from one mesh to another. 

Creating The Leg Joints

In this video, we begin building our character's skeleton by starting with the legs. We will discuss building joints using symmetry as well as joint orientation and alignment using the Work Plane. 

Creating The Leg Controllers

This video discusses adding IK to the legs and creating a control for pointing the knee. We will talk about directional constraints and applying an Up Vector. 

Completing The Leg With Foot Controls

We will complete the legs by adding foot controls that mimic a traditional "reverse-foot" setup. We will add controls for foot roll as well as raising the heel and pivoting on the ball of the foot. 

Creating A Foot Assembly

In this video, we will create an assembly from our foot controls in order to quickly mirror the controls to the other leg. 

Adding The Center Line Joints

In this video, we will create the center line joints such as the hip, spine, chest and head. We will discuss proper joint placement as well as orientation. 

Creating Center Line Controls

In this video we will create controls for the hip, chest and head. I will showcase my method for creating hip sway and adding curvature to the spine without using IK.   

Adding Spine Twist

Here we will finish up the spine rig by adding a twisting effect. We will use the Schematic View to hook up the controls and modulate the effect using a math modifier. 

Creating The Arm Joints

In this video, we will create the joints for the arms, hands and fingers. We will cover joint orientation and will use the Mirror Tool to duplicate and flip the arm joints to the other side of the body. We will create an arm assembly and I will show a method for quickly renaming the joints.  

Adding Controls To The Arm

In this video we will add IK to the arms and finish up the rig for the body. We will add controls for the elbow and shoulder as well as create controls for an IK/FK switch using User Channels.   

Binding The Character To The Skeleton

Now that the body has been rigged, we will bind the mesh to the skeleton. We will discuss the Heat bind type and modo's deformer system. We will also cover refining the weighting for our character. 

Binding The Vest

Building on the previous video, we will add the vest item to the body. We will cover binding the vest to the core joints of the midsection. We will then discuss using modo's deformers to add secondary controls to the vest for animation as well as fixing mesh penetration issues with the body geometry. 

Wrap up

In this video, we will conclude the tutorial by creating a controller for the eye. We will discuss adding a Radial Falloff deformer to support secondary deformations around the eye socket. We will then cover facial controls using the morph deformer and how to drive morphs using User Channels. 

About The Artist

Wes McDermott has over 12 years experience as a 3D artist and has worked for over 9 years as a multimedia developer for a Fortune 100 company in a corporate environment.  Wes is the author of "Creating 3D Game Art for the iPhone with Unity" and "Real World modo: In the Trenches with modo." Being completely self-taught, Wes has a true passion for what he does. He does not consider himself a  "9 to 5" artist who is only creating and developing during the working hours. Game development and 3D art are part of him and loves what he does.   

Project Contents

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