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Mentor Profit Sharing Details

(Before reading this guide, please read about becoming a Mentor.)

About these Agreement Details

This page includes the details for the video training instructor/mentor agreement for tutorials published on from June, 2017 forward.

All training content at cmiVFX contains:

There are two primary ways of getting paid as an instructor/mentor at cmiVFX:

Getting paid by direct sales

Direct purchasing is an option available to all customers. These customers prefer to buy the tutorial once and own access to it forever instead of paying month-by-month. They can either use the Buy Now button, or purchase many items at once using our checkout cart. Their purchase grants them access to a single user to view the content they've purchased online whenever they want. Unlike a subscription, which grants users access to all content on the site, direct sales grant access only to those products that the customer has chosen.

When a customer purchases using the direct purchasing method, they're taken through the PayPal Checkout payment flow. The checkout flow asks them for their payment details. Once they've completed the payment, a script is run automatically on the cmiVFX server that calculates the purchase price and divides each profit share portion to each payment receiver.

Profit share splits:

Percent to Project Manager Percent to cmi Percent to Mentor
20% 40% 40%

*Updated: For tutorials produced after July 21st, 2017.

Notes about splits

What does cmiVFX bring to the table?

cmiVFX delivers videos in high-end technical and creative categories and caters to a unique and select crowd. We provide a payment model that rewards you accurately as an instructor based on the value of your training in the marketplace.

Here are the other services we provide to Mentors. Together, these services allow you to focus on what you do best - teaching - while we focus on web technology, customer support, and marketing:

cmiVFX provides:

About Marketing

We expect Mentors to split some of the marketing and advertising responsibility with cmi. Here are a few ways you can help market your material:

  1. Post your intro/promo video on your blog and write an article about your training with links to the full tutorial on cmiVFX.
  2. Where possible, submit articles about your work, with links and where to find your tutorial on cmiVFX to popular magazine publications.
  3. Post to all of your social media channels and advertise your posts.
  4. Tell your peers about your products on forums that allow you to post this type of news.
  5. Word of mouth, tell your co-workers, friends, and peers about your work.

Example of a typical payment:

  1. "Tutorial ABC" is listed for $60. Joe is a customer and clicks the PayPal Checkout button.
  2. The button takes him through the PayPal Checkout flow where he completes the payment. The payment comes into the cmiVFX PayPal account.
  3. Immediately upon authorization, a Mass Payout is created and pays out each person involved in the making of the tutorial: the Project Manager (when applicable), cmi, and the Mentor. In this case, cmi was also the project manager, and so the split was 40% to cmi and 60% to the Mentor. $60 * 60% = $36 is paid immediately to the Mentor. $24 is kept by cmiVFX, minus PayPal fees (cmi pays all fees).
  4. Joe is taken back to the website where the new tutorial has been added to his account and is ready for viewing.

Getting paid by monthly subscriptions

When you're paid by subscription, the same profit-share is paid to you from monthly auto-renewals. Here's how it works:

  1. Customers create a PayPal billing agreement with cmiVFX. Payments come in month-by-month on the new system and are recorded in the database.
  2. Whenever one of these subscribed customers views your tutorial during that time, every second of viewing is recorded in the database.
  3. At the end of the month, the total seconds viewed for the month are compared to the total income for the month from these auto-subscriptions, to arrive at a global price-per-second for the month. Every month will have a slightly different price-per-second depending on the volume of these monthly payments that were received through the website for the month. This number is reported to you on your Mentor Settings page at the end of the month after you've logged in.
  4. The profit share agreement is then enforced upon the subscription sales, so in the case of a cmiPro content for example, where cmi is also the Project Manager, 40% of the price-per-second is paid to cmi and 60% of the price-per-second is paid to you, the Mentor.
  5. This way, every Mentor is paid the value that each customer is receiving on the site each month for the time that their content was viewed.

What happens if my content is pirated?

There is no guarantee that your content won't be pirated. That said, we've found it to be effective is to take as many measures as possible to discourage customers from pirating and encouraging them to buy the tutorial using the following points:

In addition to the above, these are some of the steps we've taken to keep your content secure:

Exclusivity for Pro-Level Content

cmiPro Content, that is, content produced specifically for publishing for cmiVFX, is designed to be exclusive to our platform. Please don't publish this content anywhere else unless granted permission to do so. You may publish the promo video anywhere you like, and the first chapter for free, but please keep the full tutorial exclusive to cmiVFX.

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