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Mistika - Humble Beginnings

Explore Mistika by walking through a real-world job and experiencing its most useful tools in this exciting new video course.

Length: 1 Hour

Price: $59.95


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Explore Mistika by walking through a real-world job and experiencing its most useful tools in this exciting new video course entitled "Mistika - Humble Beginnings" by Jamie Dickinson. In this video, we'll explore importing, conforming, text rolls, color grading, and more. We'll also learn how to do vector painting and compositing as we discuss the workflow of grading and finishing a short film, shot on Red. Mistika is a complete finishing system that includes a broad range of tools, and even a fully featured color grading module. This video will quickly get you up to speed with the awesome tools that are available to you in Mistika. Prepare to make your ideas a reality!

Chapter Descriptions


Mistika has a little bit of a learning curve, but with the right training, it's a very powerful tool. We'll begin by looking at a completed timeline. We'll get a feel for the user interface and then we'll go through the steps of completing a real-world job.


The example we'll be using is one of the first films that I put through Mistika. It was an incredibly useful learning experience for me because it involves so many of the processes that you're likely to need when grading and finishing a film. These topics provide an ideal starting point for learning the way things are done in Mistika.

Importing and Conforming

We'll be conforming using the original red rushes and an EDL from Avid Media Composer. This is a chance to get familiar with the file browser as well as some of the options in the conform page.

Comparing with an Offline Guide

By bringing in a low-res file of the completed offline edit, we can establish that the conform is accurate and explore the editing features on the timeline as well.

Using Comp3D

Mistika's Comp3D effect is one of its most important tools. It requires some explaining, but once you understand the logic, you'll be amazed at how intuitive and powerful it can be.

Using The Text Effect

Using The Text Effect to create a roll for the end credits will allow us to explore Comp3D further and it will help you understand how parameters in Mistika can be changed and animated. This simple example touches on several key features which are applicable throughout the system.

Vector Paint

Creating a simple animation for the opening of the film gives us an ideal opportunity to explore of the features in the Vector Paint effect. It also gives us a chance to practice some of the animation principles we've been using so far.

Color Grading

Mistika includes a fully featured color grading system. By just grading one or two shots, we'll get a taste of what's possible and we'll get a feel for how the grading tools are arranged. This effect alone could be the subject of an entire tutorial, but with a few pointers, you'll be able to experiment and learn more as you go.

Point Tracker

Mistika now has a new shape tracker as well. Here we have a brief look at the point tracker and how to apply a track within the color grade.

About the Instructor

Jamie is an online editor and colorist from London. During a long career at the BBC, he's worked as an editor, camera op, engineer, graphic designer, and 3D artist. Since then, he's been a full time colorist working on feature films, documentaries, music videos, promos, and commercials. In addition to working as an editor and colorist, he's also done training and lecturing on workflows and grading at BBC TV News, London Film School, and Kingston University. The type of work Jamie enjoys usually involves swapping between different disciplines, so using software that allows you to edit, grade, composite, etc. without having to stop for exporting and importing between different packages is a key feature in the tools he uses. Jamie is currently a freelance Digital Intermediate Specialist who is now based in the US and looking for opportunities worldwide.

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