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Mistika Look Development

Look Development via Compositing, just another amazing cmiVFX innovation to help you achieve artistic liberation!

Length: 2 Hours

Price: $58.95


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It’s a whole new ball game, and cmiVFX is ahead on the scoreboard with this awesome new technique for creating Character Look Development. For many years, the industry has followed a pretty straight forward pipeline for creating moving pictures. Compositing traditionally is a process that comes after CG integration with live action footage. However, what if you could use your compositing applications to help keep both PreViz in Final Cut in the same high quality? Well you can! Next time you get wind of a project, make sure you get invited to the kick off meetings. Make sure your hero characters are not going through massive amounts of potentially unnecessary 3d modeling and animation! Show them all how a bit of compositing “know how” can get you to that next level of excitement in just hours instead of weeks! In this video we use SGO Mistika to create unique character design from live action footage without any additional CG assets! Do it all in comp! Anyone who can not get access to Mistika can also follow along in MambaFX, SGO’s companion compositing solution which is downloadable from their website. The techniques in this video can be applied to any compositing application, so why not spend a few bucks now to save un-needed spending of a lot of bucks later! When it comes to VFX innovation, there is only one place to go,!

Chapter Descriptions


This chapter will help define the process that follows. Without a beginning, there can be no end!

Grading Face

Not your typical color grading solution here! That’s right, we get a little “Smurphy” when it comes to this character design. You might even get a craving for blueberry pie when its all over! Let the advanced color grading tools of Mistika get you the look you desire out of thin air!

Soulless Windows

If eyes are the windows to our souls, then what is our mouth, nose and ears? (Never mind that) This chapter will show you how to track and modify moving footage while preserving the pinching effect often found in human facial movements. Once you have this captured, you can alter the look of your shot over and over again without destroying previously approved modifications.

4 Layers Sake

Most people don’t really associate node based workflows with layering, however we set up this procedure with a final Comp3D asset which allows for overall tweaking in one neat location.


Our original footage was shot without any Make-Up FX or tracking markers which help keep newly placed CG assets in their place. We show you how to get around this quite easily thanks to the brilliant planar tracking in Mistika!

Saving Face

In the final chapter, we create the decided look of the moment while preserving the ability to quickly change various parts of the shot with just a few clicks. This composite is the definition for what node based compositing is all about. Without procedural node compositing, you simply cant achieve these types of effects found in this video. If your stuck on a layer based compositor, download MambaFX to help you follow along with the video.


This video is dedicated to just a handful of users who are now confronted with a brand new method of thinking inside of Mistika and MambaFX. Those users coming from other software can apply this knowledge to their new workflows, however, the only true constant in compositing is that channels are the only way to get an accurate representation of pixel based semi-transparency and object edges. For more information, you may always contact us at for one on one time with a mentor.



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