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Pipeline to mocap library is specific to methods within Luxology Modo, Mixamo mocap and the Unity Game Engine. Attempting to follow in a different application may cause rapid aging, grey hairs and random eye twitches.


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cmiVFX has released their first video of the brand new Mixamo Series: Luxology modo. This compact course covers a detailed pipeline between Mixamo, modo and the Unity game engine. The Mixamo Animation Collection gives life to the amazing modo static models. This lesson is highly detailed and specific to modo. After your modo character has motion, then it is time to go into Unity for some gaming. Much of the instruction in this lesson is not documented anywhere else. Oliver Barraza will take this excellent cowboy mesh (Roderick Weise) from modo into Mixamo. There in Mixamo the mesh will be rigged and applied with a skeleton and weights. Now back into modo where weight corrections to the skinning are completed. After the animation has been applied, Oliver will cover actors, actions and poses in modo. Finally, all necessary settings are covered to take this character to the Unity Game Engine. View this lesson now if you are ready to infuse life into your model.

Chapter Descriptions


A short and sweet overview of what this tutorial will cover. Auto-Rigging, Animation, Skinning Editing and Exporting to Unity3D.


Prepping The Mesh For Mixamo

First we discuss what makes a mesh good for Auto-Rigging, and what to keep in mind when preparing to upload a mesh to Mixamo.


Exporting Obj

Next we export our character in obj format. Put on our coding hat and edit the .mtl texture paths, and zip all our textures and files for upload to

Import To Modo

In this video we go over importing a character back into Modo and cover some common issues like awkward joint sizes!


Editing Skinning In Modo

Lets take a look at what Mixamo has given us a make some skinning corrections using modo's new skinning tools.



With the skinning tightened up and everything working as expected we're ready to re-upload to Mixamo for animation.



Now lets look over the collection of animation on Mixamo and find an animation we want to use with our Cowboy.


Actors Actions and Poses

Lets bring in the animation we downloaded from, and start learning about Actors, Actions and Poses.


Export To Unity

With our animation set up in modo, let export to Unity3d and take a look at how easy it is to set up.


Tips And Tricks

Finally lets recap and cover some of the pitfalls people can and have run into during this kind of workflow.


Project Contents

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