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Nuke For TDs - Custom Python Tools

Learn how to finally build your own custom tools inside of NUKE using PYTHON right now! It's as easy as 1,2,3 when you see ME, Varomix showing you how!

Length: 4 Hours 52 Minutes 27 Seconds

Price: $79.95

Nuke For TDs - Custom Python Tools

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(Description writen in Python for your amusement)



Nuke for TDs: Custom Python Tools

@author: varomix


##Chapter Descriptions


def title():

    print "Nuke for TDs: Custom Python Tools n"


def Chapter00():

    ## TITLE

    print "Chapter 00: Introduction and overview of the the complete project n"



def Chapter01():

    ## TITLE

    print "Chapter 01: Environment Setup"

    ## CONTENT

    print "t CREATE our own class so we can have auto-complete"

    print "t syntax highlighting and all the goods of modern IDEs"

    print "t We'll setup a Aptana to get all our code done, which is"

    print "t gonna help a lot on the development of any of your"

    print "t nuke tools. n"



def Chapter02():

    ## TITLE

    print "Chapter 02: Creating a simple tool"

    ## CONTENT

    print "t We'll start by creating a simple tool, which will become"

    print "t the core of the main tool we'll be building from scratch"

    print "t We'll also explore how nuke connects nodes when we are "

    print "t creating them directly from python. n"



def Chapter03(start):

    ## TITLE

    print "Chapter 03: Review of the Collect Files Tool"

    ## CONTENT

    print "t In this chapter we'll see the tool will be building in"

    print "t action and talk a little about how we will build it. n"

    fun = start * 1000

    return fun


def Chapter04():

    ## TITLE

    print "Chapter 04: Creating the Collect Files Tool"

    chapters = 18

    ## CONTENT

    if not chapters == 0:

        print "t step 0: We'll start by creating the Main GUI function, the CORE"

        print "t step 1: Create the main panel and add the title and first input field"

        print "t step 2: Finish adding the rest of the GUI input parameters"

        print "t step 3: Spliting strings and how to get the script name and addntt it to the script name field by default"

        print "t step 4: Prepare variables and the code to handle all nodesntt or just the selected nodes"

        print "t step 5: Then we need to write the main collector functionntt and pass the parrameters to the collector function"

        print "t step 6: Finish the GUI function gettting only Read Nodesntt and copy nodes to a new file .nk"

        print "t step 7: Brief explanation on nodes been just text"

        print "t step 8: def collectFiles import os and create a directoryntt for file Sources and build the new script name"

        print "t step 9: Let's do some error checking for output, selected nodes,ntt and Sources folder to see if it exists already"

        print "t step 10: Loop on every read node and extract the data will laterntt  use to copy sequences to their new location"

        ## If you made it this far, congrats!! your on your way to greatness :)

        print "t step 11: Find if read node is an image sequence or just a still image"

        print "t step 12: Get padding(# of 0s) of sequence also get start andntt  end range and the clean sequence name"

        print "t step 13: Create a directory for each sequence and jump into it,ntt  error check if the directory exists"

        print "t step 14: Start copying the files now, about time :)"

        print "t step 15: Edit .nk script to update media location, FUN!!"

        print "t step 16: Do the same for single images and finish the file"

        print "t step 17: Talk about dividing and add the Progress window to the tool n"


def Chapter05():

    ## TITLE

    print "Chapter 05: Adding the tool to the GUI"


def mainFunc():

    ## LET's RUN EVERYTHING !!!!











## End of chapters description


Alvaro Castañeda
Alvaro Castañeda, best known as "Varomix" is a 33 years old CG Generalist TD. He lost a little of his self back in 1993 at a Jurassic Park screening, and that totally changed his life. Toy Story finished the job in 1995 - there was no turning back!. He started his way in 3D back in 1998, first using 3ds Max, then Cinema4D and finally in 1999, I met Maya 2.0. Since then I've done CGI for print, web, TV, Film, DVD, I guess anything that has pixels in it!. He started using Houdini in 2002 shortly after Side Effects launched the Houdini Apprentice Program. He had also done on-set VFX Supervision and DOP Assisting. Currently works at Percy3D Media doing the unthinkable with Houdini.
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About varomix

Varomix is a Freelance VFX Artist, Generalist TD, Game Developer, Musician and Founder of MIXStudio. Shortly after Side Effects launched the Houdini Apprentice Program in 2002, Varomix became an ardent Houdini user. Since then it has become his main tool for creation. Varomix is also a father and husband that enjoy doing lots of crazy stuff with his family.