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Photoshop Speed Painting For Concept Art And Environments 101

In addition to speed painting concepts and brushes, Jonathan teaches you concepts such as compositions, the rule of thirds, the Fibonacci spiral, and several rules to do with color, light, and perspective.

Length: 2 Hours 45 Minutes 4 Seconds

Price: $39.95


Jonathan McFall is back with cmiVFX to teach speed painting inside Photoshop.

Jonathan McFall uses speed painting techniques in a set of steps you can easily follow to create similar concept art of your own. There are no photographs used, only paint brushes. The idea behind it is to set down a series of ground rules, which if followed, will allow you to create an amazing painting. After following along with how to create this painting, you’ll be able to apply the same rules and theories yourself. Jonathan will help you with concepts such as compositions, the rule of thirds, the Fibonacci spiral, and several rules to do with color, light, and perspective. Each important step is covered that you’ll need to know so that you’ll be able to achieve something similarly artistic.

Software Requirements:

Adobe Photoshop


Video-on-demand streaming is available through the website to subscribers. In addition, video files are available for download for those who directly purchase individual titles from their cart.

About Jonathan McFall

Jonathan McFall

Jonathan has worked in VFX for over 10 years and has had many different roles. He is currently teaching 2D and 3D with full-time and part-time VFX courses at Escape Studios, London’s elite training facility. He is also a member of the VFX society. He has worked in 2D and Comp and as comp supervisor in Hengdian, China, plus he has developed training videos on Matte Painting in Nuke. His filmography includes Prometheus, Narnia, Dredd, Star Wars, the finale of the Harry Potter series, Men in Black 3, and Dark Shadows. Among this impressive list of films and even though he is lecturing full-time, Jonathan has found the time to create training videos that shed some light into his teachings in 3D, VFX, and Comp. His training topics range from Concept Art, Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Render, Prep, and then Comping. Jon's favorite weapons of choice are Nuke, Silhouette, Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, Mari, 3D Equalizer, and Photoshop: pretty much the whole VFX pipeline stored in his brain. He has recently released training videos on sculpting and texturing in Mudbox and has now developed a training video about speed painting in Photoshop. In Jonathan’s latest video, he explores and dissects the methodology behind concept art and matte painting in order to take you on a step by step guide through the creation of some fantastic speed paintings. In Jonathan’s teachings, he uses a variety of software tools to demonstrate the limitless styles that can be created.