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3DS Max Thinking Particles Introduction

Learn how to use Thinking Particles in 3DS Max in no time at all!

Length: 2 hours 33 minutes

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3DS Max Thinking Particles Introduction

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cmiVFX heaves up a giant stepping stone of knowledge for all of the Newbies out there trying to get their head around Autodesk 3DS Max and Cebas Thinking Particles. Here at cmiVFX, customer request dictates we deliver every reasonable request for training materials when possible, and so many have needed that extra bridge to our more advanced Thinking Particle or even Real Flow dynamics solutions. Some even want to go back and forth between the two! Well, look no further, we not only listen, but we make it happen. So, to all of you cool cats looking to digitally blow something up, this video will show you how to do it. We are interested in developing this network of TP tutorials as an ongoing effort, and believe this video will be your best bet to get the proper knowledge to go out and get a Permanent or Freelance job doing just Technical Animation. Technical Animation is now wearing its own badge of certification as a unique career. Many members at cmiVFX, some since the beginning, we have watched establish entire careers on Thinking Particles.

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We are so confident about our training, that we even put up a free place to post and look for jobs, search for friends, share profiles or just simply chat with our real time chat system. (Now you have no excuses to not know how to do this!) Come on over to today, and expand your abilities as an artist, not just for the day, but for a lifetime. When it comes to dependability, cmiVFX has your back!

Short Description

Thinking Particles is a staple of productivity in the VFX Post arena. It has been said that TP alone has kept 3DS Max an independent product of the Autodesk Software Collection for so so long. Learn how to be productive in 3 hours!

Chapter Descriptions


Generally, its cmiVFX policy to put up a general introduction in video format. To Augment that, we will introduce your mentor and project status during this section of the video.

Overview TP

Basic User Interface, Navigation, Group Dynamic Sets, and Nodes are not just big confusing words, they all have significant meaning in the world of Thinking Particles. We will have a brief introduction to TP so that we can discuss why it's an essential tool for 3DS Max.

Particle Generation

Basic Particle Generations is a good place to kick things off. We show you how to use different nodes, which will emit particles from points, geometrical mesh, and helpers. With these tools there are many ways of generating particles and we break that down in a easy to understand hierarchy.

Particles Interaction

The magic that brings a shot together, often through compositing, is the interaction of particles with the geometry in a tracked 3d scene. In this chapter we will take a look how we can generate particles on the surface and use it as an emitter so that it will help create a debris system.

Geometry Inside TP

Creating deflectors and bringing geometry inside of TP, is a key process in order to have interacted particles in a shot that came down the production pipe. In this chapter, we will discuss how to bring the external geometry into TP and also how to define them as deflectors inside TP.

Introduction To RBD

This section of the lesson is an introduction to RBD inside TP and Fragmenting geometry with the Volume Breaker and Fragmenter. We will bring the geometry into Thinking Particles, then we will break it with the Volume Breaker node and destroy it using a unique shape collision operator.

Wall Destruction

In this chapter we will create a detailed wall destruction using TP. First, we will quickly model a detailed wall then fragment in RayFire and Volume Breaker node and blow it up. Then we will cache everything and put some materials into it and render it out.

About The Instructor

Haji Gadirov is a 6 year CG Industry veteran that started as a generalist for a couple of years then worked in motion graphics for 2 years. After his time in Mograph, he transferred full time into VFX. Haji prefers freelancing for his career. He has worked on Man Of Steele, but spent most of his time working Broadcast Advertisements, however, he is currently Lead FX Artist on a unannounced game.

Project Contents

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