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Nuke - Making of Ren

With over 8GB of project files alone, work a real world multi-shot show series in Nuke!...

Length: 4 hours 2 minutes

Introduction video:

Price $68.95

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Brand new from cmiVFX, is a new highly detailed twist on video training for The Foundry’s Nuke flagship compositing software. You have all seen the vague "making of" flicks shown on the television, but how many times have you watched the filmmaker gloss right over the most interesting technicalities as if it were purposely done to drive you mad? We know, and empathize with all the like minded individuals who strive for greatness at their craft. Yes, it is true that 95% of the active film post houses are cmiVFX customers, and our research team spends allot of time trying to blaze the path for the software vendors engineers to have something new to build, however it would be a new precedent to present to the world a publicly accessible way to get behind the scenes of an entire series with over 8GB of project files for which you can see in great detail what it really takes to put together a larger scaled project. If you haven’t already logged into your cmiVFX account by now, then check out the chapter descriptions below! When it comes to the best of the best VFX training in the universe, there is only one choice…

Chapter Descriptions

Ingest Media Pipeline

Learn how to start ingesting media into Nuke studio and setup export pipeline where we’ll learn production naming convention and shot tracking.

Episode 1 - First Shot

In this chapter, we open our first shot of the episode one and look into tasks of the shot. Next, we’ll start 2d tracking and transfer that information into Roto shapes.

Blending Edges & Color Correction

This time we start blending edges and colors. We’ll see powerful “Grade” node and how that can help you to make seamless integration.

Fog & Keying

This part of the video we look at how we can create fog by using noise and combine that together with plate. Also we’ll jump into keying and use Keyer for foreground leaves layer.

Foreground Integration

Now we’ll blend everything together by using color correct, grade and defocus. And see VFX slate and how to render for dailies.

Episode 2 - Clean Up

In this chapter, we get into episode two and start doing paint/prep work. We’ll use the Roto-Paint node to remove unwanted things from plate.

Animate Prop & Blend

In this section, we composite a prop in our talent hand. Look into how Card3D can help you out to achieve complicated perspective and animation.

Other Shots

In this chapter we’ll look at other similar shots from same sequence and sets of challenges they have.

Episode 3 - Tracking

We really get into episode three and start tracking the shot. In this shot, tracking techniques and extracting a matte by using Luma Keyer.

Contact Shadow & Grade

In this chapter, we integrate thatch on the plate. Add a contact shadow by using “Grade” node.

Color Correct & Grade

We will now look at another shot from same sequence which need complex Roto work so we can isolate talent from another source and composite that on top of the plate.

Shot0360 & Roto

We now open shot0360 which needs complex treatment. First task to get track and Roto we’ll use Mocha to get there.

Episode 004 & Mocha

In this chapter, we’ll get into episode four and tracking and Rotoscoping inside Imagineer Mocha.

Rack Focus & Edges

Now we look at imported Roto from Mocha and matching edges to negotiate rack focus. We’ll also see matching grain and black areas.

Extending Thatch Work

Here we extend thatch by using existing plate, and importing tracking data from Mocha so it lines up on top of the plate.

Episode 5 - Frame Clean Up

In episode five, we look at frame by frame paint techniques by using Roto-Paint node and also mastering grain management.

Frame Blend & Paint

In this chapter, we’ll learn how to remove rain streaks by using frame blend tricks and truly see how quickly you can create a clean plate.

Object Removal & Colorspace

Now your ready to make a clean plate and remove any unwanted rig from within original media. Also, we delve into how colorspace can affect your composite.

Shot0820 - Lighting

In this chapter we’ll get in shot0820 which needs more than a few layer composite. Also we’ll see how to make light interact with cgi with live action.

About The Mentor

Abhimanyu Tanwar is a Compositor based in India. Primarily working on features and short films. Previously he worked for a company Prime Focus as a View-D™ artist. He's worked on Hollywood titles such as World War Z, Edge of Tomorrow, The Great Gatsby, Seventh Son, and Gravity. Abhimanyu has completed work on upcoming Mexican feature film 'Yo no soy guerrillero' for Monster GC Studio.

Project Contents

8GB worth in this video! All cmiVFX videos come with all the training materials you need right from our website. No matter what time of day, your location, or how your feeling, cmiVFX will be there waiting for you!