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Realflow Destruction Tactics Series 1 Vol 01

This video is the first in a series to teach EVERYONE how to do proper multi-level, multi-layered, destruction using Realflow and a plethora of other 3D CG Animation Packages. This is DOUBLE our normal content length!

Length: 6 Hours 6 Minutes 15 Seconds

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cmiVFX has released Reaflow Destrction Tactics Volume 01. In this video we will start from scratch. The learning structure used in these videos, gears all users up to be able to follow its contents from start to beginning. This is one of the few videos made that allow a novice, experienced TD or mid level 3D artist the ability to learn on the same level. To make a long story short, this very first video in the series is extremely complete and packed with information. We did our best to find someone in this Universe that could handle the task of producing this vast array of knowledge. That in itself is a pure miracle. If they gave out awards for VFX training videos, we would win for "Most amount of content in a single video." That being said, we hope that you enjoy your new found solitude and wish you the best of luck. (After watching this video, you won't need luck, you will need clean plates to destroy!)

Chapter Descriptions


In this very first chapter we will try to quickly showcase NextLimit's Realflow 2012 special environment and its new features, and to discuss some critical factors and rules to follow for an efficient VFX pipeline (Scale, Cache and SD Files).

Anatomy Of A Body

The process of destructing objects needs more than one or two steps to get done so here we will talk about these steps, from fracturing objects, connecting them together, and how to handle several thousands of rigid bodies in one scene.


In details, we will describe the process of preparing our scene and objects for destruction, using different 3D programs  Houdini, Maya, and 3DS Max) to fracture and correctly divide our meshes in order to get them ready for impacts.

We will learn how to build special tools and different methods to fracture our object

  • Fracture tool in Realflow 2012.
  • Fracturing objects using "Ready Made" drawn poly mesh (Max, Maya, and Houdini).
  • Fracturing objects using volume point cloud and Voronoi fracture tool(Houdini and Maya).
  • Fracturing objects (procedurally) using modified Voronoi pattern and impact points (Houdini).
  • Fracturing objects using - image based fracturing - method, by using an image, pattern, or hand drawing lines (Houdini, Max).


Base Ball Through Glass

(Rigid Body Collision, MultiBody, MultiJoints)

In this chapter we will get the results of our first infamous ( ball, bullet ) impact through glass effect using a variety of material types. (normal glass, glued glass, car glass)

Fallen Hard Boiled Egg

( rigid body-soft body interaction through multiJoints and MultiBody )

Here we will study a very special case of multi layered ( soft, rigid bodies ) objects behavior and rules, where we will observe and create a boiled egg impacting with the ground.

Object Is Animated To 'Paint' The Path Of Destruction

(Asphalt behavior, rigid body-soft body interaction through MultiJoints and MultiBody )

It's always interesting to know how to simulate ground destruction and asphalt behavior using a multi layered ground surface. In this chapter we will build,step by step, the underground (soft body) and the ground (rigid body) and connect them using multi joints nodes, to get the best interaction through this multi layered object.

Bullet Collision Deformation

(Elastic-rigid-soft body interactions)

In this section, we will try to simulate the slow motion impact of a bullet against a solid metal wall using soft and rigid body interaction, where we will try to mimic the deformation and metal-melting (Due impact temperature increase) of the metal bullet and the wall.

What's Next?

Take a quick look at RealFlow Destruction Tactics II (Bridge Destruction, Massive Destruction Scenes). We will talk about the second course of this series, which deals with massive destruction scenes rules, BRIDGE DESTRUCTION SCENES...

About The Author

Hashem Alshaer is a 35 years old Palestinian VFX supervisor. He studied mathematics and physics in college, then graduated from an electronics engineering university. With more than 10 years of experience in visual effects, he is currently teaching 3D visual effects at Arab European University's and Virtual Engineering at mechanic and electronic engineering universities. Hashem started as character specialist, then as technical director, and since 2006 has become a visual effects supervisor. He loves painting and sculpting but developing smart robots is his main passion. Currently, he is working at ArtWare corp as a vfx supervisor and as CG supervisor at VFXTREME.

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About Hashem Alshaer

Hashem Alshaer

Hashem Alshaer is a 14 year veteran and CG/ VFX Supervisor and Technical director. He studied mathematics and physics in college, then graduated from an electronics engineering university. He started his career as a 3D character specialist, then as FX and Tracking TD. Following that, as a lead technical director migrating finally to CG/ VFX Supervisor. He is teaching visual effects tools at several universities, fine art departments, and virtual engineering field to augment his schedule. His collection of work spans over many films and tv commercials and is working at 3Quarter FZ LLC, as a VFX supervisor and consultant along with other activities in virtual engineering fields.