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cmiVFX is proud to have Fox Renderfarm as a sponsor. Fox Renderfarm is Rayvision's overseas cloud render farm service that specializes in cloud computing for rendering in the entertainment industry, and one of the leading online render farms in the CG industry. Since its foundation in 2009, Fox Renderfarm has earned a great reputation for its quality performance, customer service, and flexible pricing scheme.

Fox Renderfarm has won unanimous praise from the entertainment industry and has an outstanding team with over 20 years of CG experience. Team members are from Disney, Lucas, Dreamworks, Sony, and more. With professional services and industry-leading innovations, they serve leading special effects companies and animation studios from over 50 countries and regions, including two Oscar winners. Mr hublot medium

(86th Academy Awards Best Animated Short Films)

In 2015, Fox Renderfarm formed a global strategic partnership with Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud Computing) to provide global visual cloud computing services.

Also, Fox Renderfarm just released its new 4.0 rendering client app, with a brand new design and more advanced rendering features. More and more, CG artists are choosing them as an easy to use rendering solution. With just a few simple drag & drops and clicks, Fox Renderfarm's desktop app will help you finish a project's uploading, analyzing, rendered work, and downloading, automatically.

As the CG industry and technology develops, more and more 3D animated films were produced in 2016. According to the report of the AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science), there are 27 animated films who participated in the 89th Oscar Best Animation Award, which set a record on quantity. And the most exciting part is that 3 of these submitted animated films were rendered by Fox Renderfarm:

89th oscars medium

Besides helping professional CG artists, Fox Renderfarm always devotes itself toward helping educational facilities, students, and creative teams who are ambitiously working within the CG industry but don’t have a large budget or much rendering power. That’s why the Fox Renderfarm GoCloud program came out, a program that aims to help future CG students and creative teams to realize their dreams.

The GoCloud project includes two parts:

  1. “For Education”
  2. “For Creatives”
Gocloud medium

For Education

Educational facilities and students are eligible to enjoy a 60% off discount if they send us their qualified student ID or teaching certificate.

For Creatives

If you have big dreams like us, great ideas for the story, excellent skills for the animation, deep passion for the film - but only lack rendering power - Fox Renderfarm is the right place to help you render your work totally for free.

It's always better late than never! No one would reject the offer of being awesome. Come and enjoy the free trial now: