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    For over 10 years, we at cmiVFX have been providing valuable lessons in both real world and experimental techniques that define the very fabric of the Visual Effects Industry. Our training material cannot be found anywhere else because we provide you with knowledge from mentors who have contributed to a number of the world's most famous movies, advertisements, and media. We operate based on your participation. Each and every sale funds new lessons and web development. Come be a part of the vfx community and join with thousands of others who have made cmiVFX their indispensable source for visual effects and computer training. (REGISTER HERE)

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    cmiVFX has the fastest growing mentor base from active professionals that are working in the industry today. Our Mentors and educators have built a complete learning experience with each and every video. We are a 100% profit sharing company. When you buy from us, you are buying directly from the mentors! (Join cmiVFX in a fair global partnership today)


    The cmiVFX Subscription allows for you to get all the videos in the cmiVFX Library for whatever amount of time you specify. Even the new ones! You may subscribe and register just yourself or more than one user, in one step, here:

    New Releases

    Houdini Craft Automobile System Volume 1

    Houdini Craft Automobile System Volume 1

    Do you wish that craft animation tools were available to you in Houdini? Want to drive your vehicles in real time? Youve come to the right place!

    Modo and Zbrush Game Assets Workflow

    Modo and Zbrush Game Assets Workflow

    Learn to create a high-end game asset using Modo and Zbrush with varomix....

    Autodesk Flame Premium Migration Guide

    Autodesk Flame Premium Migration Guide

    Learn how to use Flame and Smoke in such a short period of time that afterwards you can immediately start your own project confidently.

    Living Creatures in Realflow Vol 01

    Living Creatures in Realflow Vol 01

    Learn how to use liquids and fluids with creatures. Well cover body liquids (such as blood, slime, and tears), wounds, and even tearing effects for skin and flesh using Realflows Hybrido solver.

    Nuke-Mari Workflows

    Nuke-Mari Workflows

    Salah Soltane teaches you match moving in Nuke, modeling in Maya, painting in Mari, and even final compositing. Youll definitely enjoy this course.

    Lua Scripting Language Quick Start

    Lua Scripting Language Quick Start

    Lua has become an extremely popular programming language, so much so that its achieved a critical mass of developers in the game industry, meaning Lua skills are transferable from company to company. Thats partly due to its speed and the ease with which developers can embed Lua into a game engine. Steve Champagne takes the viewer through obtaining and installing Lua, Lua fundamentals, and step by step examples of Lua scripts, embedding Lua in a C/C++ application, and extending Lua.

    Houdini Destruction Series: Missile Strike volume 2

    Houdini Destruction Series: Missile Strike volume 2

    Volume 2 of this project moves quickly as you create the details of the missile blast, work with materials and shading, discuss rendering, and look at ways to improve the effect.

    Houdini Fur Tools

    Houdini Fur Tools

    Laszlo L. Ujvari shows you how to use the Houdini Fur tools to create a convincing Lion Fur Animation and much more.

    Houdini Destruction Series: Missile Strike volume 1

    Houdini Destruction Series: Missile Strike volume 1

    This project is intense, so get ready to absorb a lot of useful techniques, methods and tricks to mak...

    Houdini Introduction to Dynamics

    Houdini Introduction to Dynamics

    Varomix DaGreit takes you into DOPs land with a fast and furious truck load of dynamics training compressed into a single training volume. We want to give you more education for your money and the video format is perfect for you to rewind and replay as much as you need.

    Cinema 4D Character Sculpting Services

    Cinema 4D Character Sculpting Services

    Chris Maynard takes the viewer through an artistic resolution of a strong character model while preserving UV and geometry exporting capabilities to 3rd party apps.N

    Houdini Animation Principles

    Houdini Animation Principles

    Become one of the top animators in the VFX industry by unlocking the secrets of Houdini’s node-driven system. Some of the most useful and flexible tools available to the character animator will be revealed in this video.

    Houdini Vein Work

    Houdini Vein Work

    Vidmantas Brukstus leads you through the making of a line-growing effect. The end result is a digit...

    3D Digital Environments Masterclass

    3D Digital Environments Masterclass

    Learn how to build several real projects ranging from digital environments to commercial graphics.

    Houdini Cartoon Effect

    Houdini Cartoon Effect

    Hirai Toyokazu shows you how to make an anime-style cartoon effect and much more.

    Tutorial Info

    CMIVFX Cinema 4D Everything Volume 1 Large Poster
    Duration: 04.01.06

    Cinema 4D Everything Volume 1

    cmiVFX has released their first video of the brand new Maxon C4D R14 "Comprehensive" series. This volume ONE of THREE lays the foundation for CG creation within Cinema C4d. If you are an abject beginner to all things 'computer graphics' or if you are merely migrating to C4D, then this lesson is for you. Even the most seasoned C4D user will discover aspects to this deep application he / she did not know existed. You cannot begin to explore the power of C4D until you understand its interface. Further Pavel Zoch, PhD reveals undocumented features that make all the difference. This volume begins the process of creating a photorealistic wooden child's bicycle. As the viewer progresses through these three volumes Pavel teaches the tool, then creates a part of the bike. Have you ever wondered what is the crucial difference between a good CG creation and a perfect photo real CG creation? Pavel Zoch lays the ground work in this lesson. He knows the secret and is willing to teach you. A true master of Maxon Cinema 4D offers to you the advantage of his hard earned knowledge within this powerful application. You will not find a more throughly detailed reveal of Maxon C4D any where else.

    • CMIVFX Cinema 4D Everything Volume 1
    • CMIVFX Cinema 4D Everything Volume 1
    • CMIVFX Cinema 4D Everything Volume 1
    • CMIVFX Cinema 4D Everything Volume 1
    • CMIVFX Cinema 4D Everything Volume 1
    • CMIVFX Cinema 4D Everything Volume 1

    Chapter Descriptions


    This invitation and introduction shows the main topic of the whole series as well as the content forthcoming for volume one.

    C4D Layout Basics

    CINEMA 4D layout and it's adjusting. The part shows how to set a graphic tablet, connect orthographic views, set units, color tables. The most important part of the video is the camera navigation.

    C4D Interface

    Main managers of CINEMA 4D. Object manager (OM functionality, objects dots, cameras switching, a hierarchy, tags – special properties added to our objects, more OM windows and much more), Attributes manager and its functionality (AM is the place where we can adjust objects, parameters and tools), Materials manager (a dock of all materials used in our project) Coordinations manager, Structure manager, Content browser, Layers manager and much more.


    Main two palettes of the standard layout of CINEMA 4D. Cold and Warm icons – objects and tools/ modes /commands. Base parametric objects manipulation, how parametric objects work and their using (subdivision, rounding, slices, caps etc). How to use a hierarchy or groups. 

    Elements and Objects

    Main object elements and their using: Axis, points, polygons and edges. Objects construction, points and polygons. 

    Normals, Quads and Triangles

    Polygons normals. How polygons normals works, their using examples). Differences between quad and triangle polygons. 

    Shortcuts and Hotkeys

    Modeling effectivity, how to select a tool by very fast way, context menus (in different modes), "V" key as a gate for many important tools, main modeling sequence, Selection tools using (Selection tool always stops a currently modeling tool). Objects axis using, Move, Rotate and Scale tools. Quantize settings and using modeling axis settings. 

    A Perfect Object

    What is the best subdivision level of your objects? The key for fast visualization is the Phong shading function. What makes a perfect object? Nice small rounding on the edge! The primary guideline and technique is outlined here.


    This part shows how to use splines, adjust control points, change point order, other point tools and settings. This part demonstrates all splines types (Bezier, Linear, B-spline, Akima, Cubic). The end of the part shows a relationship between B-splines functionality and HyperNRUBS object functionality.

    Goldie Locks

    Intermediate points settings and their impact to the topology of generated objects and animations. 

    Extrude NURBS

    Extrude NURBS object and its settings. The part shows how to set these objects and their caps correctly for animations and deformations as well. Rounding of "NURBS" objects and weaknesses of the rounding settings. Hidden selection tags and their use. 

    Lathe NURBS

    Lathe NURBS object description and the first object that belongs to the main topic of the tutorial – The screw. The Lath NURBS is the function that makes that object in few seconds. Sweep NURBS object description and the use of splines in it.

    Loft NURBS

    The Loft NURBS object: Its use, settings and the bolt-head object tutorial. 


    This chapter focuses on the all important HyperNUBRBS object. All settings here are addressed in detail. HyperNURBS weight settings use on triangles/quads polygons.

    Beginning The Wheel

    Finally we begin modeling the front wheel (of the main topic of the tutorial). Facilitating this more advanced use of the above outlined topics is presented via: bluenprint pictures placing to the orthographic views, proxy helpers (parametric objects)  and Display tag settings, wheel rim and HUB modeling (LatheNURBS). 

    Modeling With Generators

    The complex job of modeling the front wheel spokes. Tools used here are: ExtrudeNURBS, LoftNUBS, Align to spline tag, Array object and Instances. This complex object is created by generators only.

    Bring It Home

    Modeling the wheel Hub axis ("box" modeling based on the cylinder object). This final chapter combines are assets created during the course of the lesson and includes the use of every tool described hereto. 

    About Pavel Zoch, Ph.D.

    Pavel Zoch (ing. Ph.D.) is a Czech independent artist and Maxon CINEMA 4D generalist that has been working CINEMA 4D help desk (for Czech and Slovak republics) and freelance for more than 10 years. Pavel has written many hundreds of articles on CINEMA 4D, hundreds hours of video tutorials and made a czech version of the CINEMA 4D. You can know Pavel's work from the official Maxon brochures and others Maxon PR stuff. 

    Project Contents

    All cmiVFX videos come with all the training materials you can need right from our website. No matter what time of day, your location, or how your feeling, cmiVFX will be there waiting for you! 

    NOTE: Some customers will want one of these videos in this series, and most will want all 3. We may have released these videos on different days, but it is our recommendation to eventually watch all three. They are replacing our older and outdated Ultimate Learning System videos.

    Also note that the cmiVFX logo with the C and the Play Button inside are Copyrighted Assets for cmiStudios and cmiVFX. All other replicas are NOT affiliated with cmiVFX brands and we do not support the training videos from 3rd party websites that try to look similar to ours, unless otherwise approved by 3 members of the cmiVFX team. For more information about Copyright information, pleas email

    Cinema 4D Everything Volume 1 4D Everything Volume 1
    Cinema 4D Everything Volume 2 4D Everything Volume 2

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