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    For over 10 years, we at cmiVFX have been providing valuable lessons in both real world and experimental techniques that define the very fabric of the Visual Effects Industry. Our training material cannot be found anywhere else because we provide you with knowledge from mentors who have contributed to a number of the world's most famous movies, advertisements, and media. We operate based on your participation. Each and every sale funds new lessons and web development. Come be a part of the vfx community and join with thousands of others who have made cmiVFX their indispensable source for visual effects and computer training. (REGISTER HERE)

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    cmiVFX has the fastest growing mentor base from active professionals that are working in the industry today. Our Mentors and educators have built a complete learning experience with each and every video. We are a 100% profit sharing company. When you buy from us, you are buying directly from the mentors! (Join cmiVFX in a fair global partnership today)


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    New Releases

    Houdini Craft Automobile System Volume 1

    Houdini Craft Automobile System Volume 1

    Do you wish that craft animation tools were available to you in Houdini? Want to drive your vehicles in real time? Youve come to the right place!

    Modo and Zbrush Game Assets Workflow

    Modo and Zbrush Game Assets Workflow

    Learn to create a high-end game asset using Modo and Zbrush with varomix....

    Autodesk Flame Premium Migration Guide

    Autodesk Flame Premium Migration Guide

    Learn how to use Flame and Smoke in such a short period of time that afterwards you can immediately start your own project confidently.

    Living Creatures in Realflow Vol 01

    Living Creatures in Realflow Vol 01

    Learn how to use liquids and fluids with creatures. Well cover body liquids (such as blood, slime, and tears), wounds, and even tearing effects for skin and flesh using Realflows Hybrido solver.

    Nuke-Mari Workflows

    Nuke-Mari Workflows

    Salah Soltane teaches you match moving in Nuke, modeling in Maya, painting in Mari, and even final compositing. Youll definitely enjoy this course.

    Lua Scripting Language Quick Start

    Lua Scripting Language Quick Start

    Lua has become an extremely popular programming language, so much so that its achieved a critical mass of developers in the game industry, meaning Lua skills are transferable from company to company. Thats partly due to its speed and the ease with which developers can embed Lua into a game engine. Steve Champagne takes the viewer through obtaining and installing Lua, Lua fundamentals, and step by step examples of Lua scripts, embedding Lua in a C/C++ application, and extending Lua.

    Houdini Destruction Series: Missile Strike volume 2

    Houdini Destruction Series: Missile Strike volume 2

    Volume 2 of this project moves quickly as you create the details of the missile blast, work with materials and shading, discuss rendering, and look at ways to improve the effect.

    Houdini Fur Tools

    Houdini Fur Tools

    Laszlo L. Ujvari shows you how to use the Houdini Fur tools to create a convincing Lion Fur Animation and much more.

    Houdini Destruction Series: Missile Strike volume 1

    Houdini Destruction Series: Missile Strike volume 1

    This project is intense, so get ready to absorb a lot of useful techniques, methods and tricks to mak...

    Houdini Introduction to Dynamics

    Houdini Introduction to Dynamics

    Varomix DaGreit takes you into DOPs land with a fast and furious truck load of dynamics training compressed into a single training volume. We want to give you more education for your money and the video format is perfect for you to rewind and replay as much as you need.

    Cinema 4D Character Sculpting Services

    Cinema 4D Character Sculpting Services

    Chris Maynard takes the viewer through an artistic resolution of a strong character model while preserving UV and geometry exporting capabilities to 3rd party apps.N

    Houdini Animation Principles

    Houdini Animation Principles

    Become one of the top animators in the VFX industry by unlocking the secrets of Houdini’s node-driven system. Some of the most useful and flexible tools available to the character animator will be revealed in this video.

    Houdini Vein Work

    Houdini Vein Work

    Vidmantas Brukstus leads you through the making of a line-growing effect. The end result is a digit...

    3D Digital Environments Masterclass

    3D Digital Environments Masterclass

    Learn how to build several real projects ranging from digital environments to commercial graphics.

    Houdini Cartoon Effect

    Houdini Cartoon Effect

    Hirai Toyokazu shows you how to make an anime-style cartoon effect and much more.

    Tutorial Info

    CMIVFX Massive Prime Crowd Simulation Large Poster
    Duration: 04.25.54

    Massive Prime Crowd Simulation

    cmiVFX has released a QuickStart to Massive Prime Crowd Simulations. Massive is a proven production tool to simulate lifelike actions of crowds. Likely when you have seen a stadium full of cheering fans, it was Massive Prime that animated all those thousands of people. The daunting task of learning is simplified by Domingos Silva. Domingos will walk the viewer through the entire process of completing a crowd simulation. Until now, making MotionBuilder and Massive play nice was tough. Domingos will show the viewer the solution to this difficult pipeline. After the simulation is complete, Domingos continues by taking the mesh and simulation back into Maya and 3DSMax for final render. This lesson covers the process of crowd simulation from concept to render. Short Description This lesson is a quickstart to Massive Software, Massive Prime. A full pipeline is presented from motion planning, through simulation and finalizing within Autodesk Maya AND 3DSMax.

    • CMIVFX Massive Prime Crowd Simulation
    • CMIVFX Massive Prime Crowd Simulation
    • CMIVFX Massive Prime Crowd Simulation
    • CMIVFX Massive Prime Crowd Simulation
    • CMIVFX Massive Prime Crowd Simulation
    • CMIVFX Massive Prime Crowd Simulation

    Chapter Descriptions

    Brain Nodes

    Let start with a basic introduction to Massive Brains Nodes and show you different functions and connections to define agent rules.


    Motion Planning

    Motion planning is a very Important task. We will define a motion tree which contains all the actions and transitions required for the simulation. 


    Maya MotionBuilder Pipeline

    The pipeline from MotionBuilder to Massive is a mystery for many Massive TDs. This pipeline until now is one of the most difficult subjects for Massive users. You will learn how to prepare and export correctly skinned models from Maya. Also we will cover animation retargeting and importing skeleton TPose / bind poses into MotionBuilder. This will allow you export motion data as ASF/AMC  that works perfectly with your agent in Massive.


    FBX ASF GEO Texture

    I will show you how to correctly import the assets from Maya and MotionBuilder (skinned Model as FBX, ASF/AMC mocap, textures) and setup the agent in Massive. When imported via FBX the weight file is automatically generated.


    Edit Bones

    You will see how to use Massive based  ellipsoid bones for smooth bind skin and rigid bind skin by connecting geometry to an joint (attach).


    Import Edit Action

    Next you will see how to prepare mocap for simulation. Create loop and non-loop action, IK and Timing curves.


    Transition Latch Ik Curves Edit

    This chapter let you perform the transition between actions by adjust transition, latch and Ik curves.


    Placement Generators

    Massive provides different generators that you can use to place agents in the scene. I will show you most of them and different useful parameters.


    Triggers Modifiers Outputs

    Agents status can be set and accessed through the brain by using Triggers, Modifiers and Outputs. "Get agent status" can help you define and perform the simulation more effectively. 


    Brain Rules Guards

    At this point we'll define base rules for guards to stand, format and then run.


    Brain Rules Arrow

    You will learn how to make flying arrows by creating a combination rules of translation, rotation and dynamics channels.


    Arrow Hit Guards and Die Edit Locator

    I will change the position of locators to make arrows hitting guards than trigger different die actions.


    Guards Leaves Lance When Die Dynamics

    When an agent is dying, he should drop his lance. Through applying dynamics, we will achieve this result.


    Run Sims And Replay Simulation

    At this time we'll record our simulation and switch off. Useful for some heavy rules like dynamics and vision. Can be defined a second rules to change the previous one.


    BONUS - Bake Animation From Segment To Lance Agent Spawn Parent

    To import the simulation correctly into Maya and 3ds it is required by the plug-in to set the lance as a separate agent. We'll bake the animation from guards lance segments to a new spawned agent. 


    BONUS - Transform Geo for Auto Skin

    We'll transform and freeze our geometries to match the tPose of skeleton from Massive for automatic skinning.


    BONUS - MassiveImporter Maya

    In video I will show how to import the finished Massive simulation into Maya using the MassiveImporter tool.


    BONUS - MassiveImporter 3DSMax

    In video I will show how to import the finished Massive simulation into 3DSMax using the MassiveImporter tool.


    BONUS - Stadium Placement

    Using the ready to use Massive Stadium Agent, i will demonstrate how to properly place agents into a stadium scene.


    About Domingos Silva

    Specialist: Massive Software, Maya API, MaxSDK. Interest: Crowd TD, Pipeline TD, MatchMover. Graduate in Visual Information Technology, University of Coimbra - Portugal, 2009. Email:


    Special Thanks

    Massive Software website

    Massive Importer Tool


    MOVLAB - mocap studio used


    ITERACFIELD - cleaned C3d


    Hashem Alshaer

    Skinned guard model in Maya and future cmiEntrepreneur.


    Project Contents

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