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The Foundry OCULA: Stereo QC and Compositing

Abhimanyu Tanwar, digital compositor who has worked on films such as World War Z, Edge of Tomorrow, The Great Gatsby, Seventh Son, and Gravity, shares his unique expertise with Stereo Quality Control and Compositing by using the powerful Foundry tool, OCULA, which is used on almost every major motion picture.

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Learn powerful techniques for working with stereo 3D on blockbuster films.

Hi, this is Abhimanyu Tanwar. Welcome to Stereo Quality Control (QC) and Compositing, using the powerful tool, OCULA. OCULA is a stereoscopic imagery plug-in by The Foundry.

Stereoscopic: relating to or denoting a process by which two photographs of the same object taken at slightly different angles are viewed together, creating an impression of depth and solidity.

OCULA is used on almost every movie: Avatar, Tron, Pirates of the Caribbean, you name it.

In this course we'll learn how to address and solve native stereo plate problems by using NUKE and OCULA. Shooting 3-D comes with common issues like color discrepancy and vertical misalignment. To fix them and keep the high standards of 3-D, we'll look at the roles you have to perform at stereo quality control before diving into compositing.

Let's jump into these tools and see how they can solve our problems...

First, we’ll see how we can match the colors of the left eye and the right eye; as you can see here, there is a discrepancy in the plates.

We’ll see the common problem of vertical alignment, then we’ll jump into how we can paint out from the stereo plate from the actual depth without losing any information.

From there, we’ll jump into Stereo Compositing and placing things at the right depth. We’ll use Deep Tools and the Nuke 3D System to assist that.

At the end, we’ll see how important Stereo QC really is. This is a great topic to explore and I’m really excited to begin this course with you, so I’ll see you in the first chapter!

Source footage is property of under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. This license allows users to utilize the shot for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Software Requirements:

The Foundry Nuke and Ocula

Recommended Hardware:

Anaglyph 3D Glasses


Basics of Nuke and Stereo 3-D concepts.


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About Abhimanyu Tanwar

Abhimanyu Tanwar

Abhimanyu Tanwar is a Compositor based in India. Primarily working on features and short films. Previously he worked for a company Prime Focus as a View-D™ artist. He's worked on Hollywood titles such as World War Z, Edge of Tomorrow, The Great Gatsby, Seventh Son, and Gravity. Abhimanyu has completed work on upcoming Mexican feature film 'Yo no soy guerrillero' for Monster GC Studio.